Beauty Product Review - Own Lifting Eye Cream

Growing up is a part of life, but looking older shouldn’t be! That’s where great skin care products can help stave off the aging process. I was recently given a sample of the Own Lifting Eye Cream from Own Skin Health to provide a beauty product review of.

Touted as an ‘anti-aging’ product, the company proclaims that this product will reduce the appearance of crow’s feet by 61% and decrease wrinkles (around the eye area) by 30%, in addition to improving the skin’s texture.

The Own Lifting Eye Cream “contains patented CLA plant-based technology designed to work with your body’s unique biochemistry and three main layers of skin. Own Anti-Aging products enhance collagen levels, strengthen the skin barrier to retain more moisture and, increase the skin’s metabolism for softer, smoother, and genuinely younger-looking skin.” [Source: Own Skin Health]

What I especially like about this particular formulation is that the Own Lifting Eye Cream is a retinol-free formula (which is ideal for sensitive skin, since retinol is known to cause redness, dryness, and peeling). It is also paraben, fragrance, and sulfate-free. Not to mention, it’s not tested on animals.

I’ve only been using the Own Lifting Eye Cream for about a week (since the sample arrived), so I can’t testify to it’s long-term results. However, what I’ve noticed thus far, is that it has a smooth, velvety texture (when applied around my eyes). In addition, it hasn’t caused any adverse reactions, nor has it been problematic when I apply make-up over it (during the daytime).

Based on my initial experience, this seems like a good alternative to retinol-based eye creams. If you’re looking for a gentle, yet effective eye cream, the Own Lifting Eye Cream might be for you.

Own Skin Health is offering the Inspirations & Celebrations readers 30% off their first purchase at Own Products by using the promo code: CLAIFABBO1

Disclaimer: A complimentary product sample was provided for review purposes. All opinions stated are my own.


  1. Jennifer Essad says:

    I would so love to try the Own lifting eye cream – I have tried so many, spent so much money and not been satisfied. I like what you have described about this cream using plant based ingredients. Hope I can it in a retail outlet soon.

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