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The Tree of Life
I recently watched the movie “A Thousand Words” (starring Eddie Murphy), which was more poignant (and emotionally touching) than it was comical. The storyline was about a fast-talking literary agent (Jack McCall) who used his persuasive ability to get whatever he wanted in life (from business deals to personal gains)… until he met a renowned spiritual guru, who changed his path forever. McCall soon learned that his life was vitally connected to a magical tree, one which made him think through every word he spoke (or else he’d suffer dire consequences).
There were several deep messages that were exhibited in the movie:
1. Use your words wisely, as they have a powerful impact on others.
2. Everything is connected, so show respect to all living creatures (including nature).
3. Forgive people. This enables you to move forward in life with a clear conscience.
4. Family is the foundation of one’s life. Make time spent with them a priority.
5. Love the people in your life (everyday), knowing that any day might be their last.
Ultimately (McCall) learned that actions were even more powerful than words, and that in order to live a truthful existence based on integrity and greater purpose, he would have to follow through on everything he promised. In doing so, he branched out into the world and grew to become the person that he was meant to be.

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  1. I love this post and I love the tips. They’re so true. If more people lived their lives like this we’d live in a better world. Thanks for stopping by, I’m so glad to find you blog and will be following. Hope you come back and follow back too!

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