Bridal showers originated in the 1890’s, as a customary way to gift a bride-to-be with presents that can be used throughout the marriage. What once started as a means to ensure that a wedding would come to pass (in the old days of dowries), has now evolved into something else. In today’s era, the term […]
Your wedding is supposed to be your fairy tale day – and indeed it will be, if you pay heed to the cost of it. The average wedding now costs $30,000 or more, and many couples get themselves into huge amounts of debt over this one day of celebrations. But getting married need not break […]
Mixing metals like gold and silver and layering of necklaces and bracelets were all the rage in 2011. Big, bold and chunky pieces also made it big that year and are continuing to throw their weight around this year. The spring of 2012 ushered in classic pieces, which include timeless diamonds. Although the green leaves of […]