What To Wear To A Wedding - Style Guide - 2013 Fall / Winter Edition

With the holidays quickly approaching, gift-giving and entertaining are probably at the top of your list of priorities. If you happen to be attending a wedding this season, figuring out what to wear to a wedding shouldn’t be stressful or cause any unnecessary anxiety. Fortunately for you, the Inspirations & Celebrations Wedding Style Guide is here to help you look and feel your best.

Keep in the mind that choosing a fabulous outfit to wear to a wedding is based on a few key factors – the formality of the wedding you’re attending and the venue of the wedding and reception. Featured in this 2013 Fall / Winter Edition of “What To Wear To A Wedding” are several example outfits that are appropriate for different types of weddings held during this time of year.

What To Wear To An Informal Wedding

What To Wear To A Wedding At A House

Fall and winter weddings can be incredibly romantic, charming, and memorable due to the warmth of the season, changing colors of the natural landscape, and inviting ambiance of many wedding venues. For those who enjoy the intimate setting of a home, a wedding at a house can be a delightful place to get married amongst a close circle of family and good friends. Since a wedding held at a house is usually considered an informal wedding, it’s best to wear a comfortable yet ladylike outfit, like a wrap dress. The silhouette of the wrap dress is flattering on a wide range of body types, travels well (since it’s usually made out of a stretch jersey material) and can easily be dressed up or down with accessories.

What To Wear To A Wedding At A Ranch

A country chic ranch wedding is a fun way to enjoy the rustic outdoors, simple pleasures of life, and relaxed style that only a ranch or farmhouse can provide. Unless you’re up for donning a pair of cowboy boots, you can keep things simple at this type of informal wedding. Opting for a figure-flattering, knee-length dress in a casual and comfortable fabric (like ponte cotton or knit blend) is a smart way to go. Stand out with a solid colored dress or a pretty printed skirt, coordinated with low-key accessories and comfortable shoes that you can kick your heels up in.

What To Wear To A Wedding At A Country Club

A wedding hosted at a country club is usually thought to be conservative, preppy, and traditional. Therefore, it’s most appropriate to wear a feminine dress that is cut more on the modest side. A sophisticated, fitted sheath dress (in a playful print) or a bold colored cocktail dress are fabulous choices. If you want to show off your svelte legs, make sure to balance out the look with a high-cut neckline. In contrast, if you prefer to highlight your décolletage, make sure the hemline of your dress falls closer to your knee, if not below.

What To Wear To A Formal Wedding

What To Wear To A Wedding In The City

A city wedding is heralded for it’s elegance, contemporary feel, and sophisticated style. Generally held at upscale dining establishments or modern venues (like an art gallery or museum), weddings hosted in a city setting are usually on the formal side. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you need to wear an evening gown; however, the expectation is that you’ll dress up more than usual. If you prefer the look and feel of a shorter, cocktail dress, make sure it has some dressy elements, like metallic materials or ornate embellishments. If you do choose to wear an evening gown, you can up the sex appeal and edgy glamour with lace accents, peek-a-boo cut-out details, or on-trend mixed media (like leather and silk combos).

What To Wear To A Wedding At A Winery

A wedding held at a winery during fall or winter is especially romantic and charming. The autumnal leaves of the grapevines set amidst the picturesque wine estates, dimly lit caves, and rolling hillsides make for a spectacular wedding venue. This type of wedding is an elegant affair, so it makes sense that formal attire be worn. A floor-length gown in a sumptuous fabric (like silk, organza, or lace) is an exceptional choice. Make sure to bring elegant outwear (like a fur bolero or cashmere shawl) to drape over your shoulders, since wine cellars are on the cool side.

What To Wear To A Wedding At A Hotel

A wedding held at a hotel or ballroom is usually one of the most over-the-top ways to celebrate a marriage. It’s expected that guests wear formal attire to such a grand wedding. This is a perfect opportunity to wear a gorgeous figure-grazing evening gown, accessorized by glamorous jewelry and stunning heels. You can even wear a Cinderella-style ball gown, if the wedding invitation specifies black-tie attire.


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