Rainy Day Fashion Essentials Stylish Clothes and Accessories

From statement-worthy rain boots to figure-flattering rain coats, these must-have stylish clothes and accessories are your rainy day fashion essentials when the weather gets cold, windy, and undeniably wet.

Rainy Day Fashion Essentials

Now that we’re well into winter, rain storms are becoming a near everyday occurrence for most parts of the country. From torrential downpours to light drizzles, instead of letting the wet weather put a damper on your day, these rainy day fashion essentials will get you through these blustery storms looking oh-so-chic (while staying warm and dry).

Rain Coats

From cozy puffer coats with convenient hoods (to keep your hair frizz-free and beautiful) to figure-flattering belted trench coats (that easily transition from day-to-night), these stylish rain coats will not only keep you dry on rainy days, they’ll also make you look chic no matter what the weather.

Rainy Day Fashion Essentials - Rain Coats

Rain Boots

From playful prints to stand-out statement details (like the uber-fashionable Valentino Rockstud Rain Boots), rain boots are a great way to add personal flair to your rainy day outfit. Perfect for walking over puddles and bouncing around town, these super-cute rain boots will keep your tootsies warm and cozy all day long.

Rainy Day Fashion Essentials - Rain Boots


Well, your rain boots can’t have all the fun, now can they?! These adorably charming umbrellas (that feature traditional plaids, feminine floral patterns, and sweet hearts) are a playful way to inject a sense of fun and whimsical style into your rainy day fashion.

Rainy Day Fashion Essentials - Umbrellas

Water Resistant Accessories

And, even when the weather outside is frightful, that doesn’t mean you should skip the accessories (for fear of getting them wet). These water resistant handbags and watches are an effortless way to dress-up your rainy day outfit, without worrying that they’ll get damaged if a little water gets on them.

Rainy Day Fashion Essentials - Water Resistant Accessories

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