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Shopping For Narrow Shoes

A narrow foot is considered attractive by most men and women. However, women with a narrow foot can experience foot pain and discomfort when wearing ill-fitting shoes—regardless of the size, shape, or length of the shoe’s actual heel. In addition, finding the perfect shoe for narrow feet can be tricky, especially if the wearer’s foot has not been properly measured and fitted for various types of footwear—for instance, boots, sandals, flats, and dress shoes. Whatever the occasion, you can find the perfect narrow shoes; but, first, you’ll need to consider a few shopping tips.

Tips For Shopping For Narrow Shoes

Know Your Size

Before visiting the shoe section of your nearest department store or local mall, measure your foot using a few easy-to-find household items: two pieces of large, white paper, a writing utensil, Scotch tape, and measuring tape. The pieces of large white paper you choose should exceed the size and shape of your foot by several inches around. (In other words, each piece should be longer and wider than your actual foot.) You will need one piece for each foot. And two in total.

Finding your true measurement is easy. Simply trace the outline of each foot onto the pieces of large white paper. Next, measure the length and width of each foot. Using any manufacturer’s size chart, you can find your true shoe size in that particular shoe line. Not all manufacturers adhere to the same sizing formula, so be sure to follow each manufacturer’s guide, and try on the shoes for the most comfortable fit.

If purchasing shoes from an online shoe retailer, be sure the company offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee, meaning you can return or exchange unwanted shoes within a specified period of time without any financial penalty. Most online stores would be happy to provide a full refund or exchange for any merchandise returned within 30 days of purchase, which is verifiable through a receipt or shipping invoice.  However, the merchandise must be unworn and it must arrive in its original condition. Shipping fees may not be refundable, but the nominal may not be too worrisome considering the convenience of online shopping.

Narrow Shoes: Finding the Best Styles

Narrow shoes are available in a wide array colors, styles, and materials (i.e., canvas, leather, nylon, and more).

Narrow shoes are typically manufactured in five categories: super slim, slim, narrow, medium, wide—with wide being the “widest” shoe available and “super slim” being the slimmest or most narrow shoes in the line. Styles and prices for narrow shoes may vary within each size designation; however, some manufacturers produce narrow shoes in a variety of styles and colors across the entire line.

Follow the link to find narrow shoes selection by Marmi, an online shoe retailer specializing in super slim, slim, and narrow footwear for women. You can request a catalogue directly through the site, make a wish list, or find store locations. In just a few mouse-clicks, you could find the perfect pair of narrow shoes for any event—and at an affordable price too. Some of the company’s brands include Vaneli, Sesto Meucci, Eric Javits, and more.

[Image Credit: Marmi Shoes]

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