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Whether you professionally do creative work or are just looking to have more creative hobbies, here are 5 inspiring ideas to help you tap into your creative potential.

Exploring your creative side as an adult can sometimes feel more challenging than when you were a child. Give a kid a box of crayons and a blank piece of paper, and they’ll spend hours doodling and playing. Often times, as adults, we get stuck in our heads and create mental blocks that limit our creative abilities.

5 Inspiring Ways To Become More Creative

To help you unleash your creative side, the first step is to let go of self-criticism or the internal belief that “I am not creative”. The next step is to open your mind to new ideas and just have fun. Here are more ways to get inspired.

5 Inspiring Ways To Become More Creative

Open a Book

Whether you flip through a mesmerizing photography book or you read a dreamy romantic novel, books are often a great source of inspiration. Allowing your mind to escape from the mundane into a world of possibility is a fantastic catalyst for creativity.

For example, if you’re working on a project and are feeling stuck, step away from the task at hand and give your brain something else to focus on. The mere act of doing something different (like opening a book) can sometimes be all you need to give rise to an inspiring idea. To get you started, here is a list of inspiring books that will motivate you.

5 Inspiring Ways To Become More Creative

Spend Time in Nature

As recently shared in the article about “The Art of Forest Bathing”, there are so many benefits to spending time in nature. Not only can the outdoors help to relieve stress and anxiety, but it can also stimulate creative ideas.

Have you ever noticed that solutions to problems will come to mind when you’re walking through a forest, tending to your garden, or relaxing by a lake? That’s no coincidence. Scientific studies have proven the link between spending time in nature and boosting your mind’s ability to problem-solve, formulate new ideas, and catalyze creativity.

5 Inspiring Ways To Become More Creative

Play Like a Child

Whether you pick-up a coloring book or have fun crafting handmade jewelry, approach creativity much like if you were a child playing. When you bring a joyful outlook to creative projects (and let go of self-criticism or judgmental attitudes), you give yourself the confidence to grow in your talents and abilities. Plus, the sheer act of having fun renews your enthusiasm for delving into your creative side, which helps you expand your skills. The next time you do something creative, lighten up and have fun. Even if it’s not perfect when you start, over time, it will get easier and your abilities will improve. Everyone has to start somewhere, just remember that.

5 Inspiring Ways To Become More Creative

Take a Class

From cooking demos to art lessons, one of the best ways to become more creative is to take a class. Challenging your brain to think differently, acquire new knowledge, and gain skills by learning from the masters is always a fun way to spur creativity. Whether you learn how to bake a perfectly flaky croissant or you discover new techniques for painting landscapes, to become more creative, continually educate yourself by taking classes.

5 Inspiring Ways To Become More Creative

Play a Game

From mentally-stimulating crossword puzzles to life-sized chess games, playing games can help you become more creative as they encourage you to have fun while doing something that stimulates your mind.

When you let go of inhibitions and self-limiting beliefs (like the idea that “I am not a creative person”), you realize that your mind has infinite learning abilities. Artists and creative people have to work on their skills and talents, much like any trade. However, it takes courage and the willingness to simply have fun if you want to be creative.

When you play games for the sake of fun, you don’t worry about the outcome. The same outlook can be applied to creative projects. Go into it with a sense of enthusiasm and joy, and you’ll be amazed to discover fresh ideas and new solutions that otherwise might have evaded you.

[Photography by Rachel Krueger, JM3, and Inspirations & Celebrations]

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