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If you spend any time on social media, then you’ve probably seen #MondayMotivation quotes pop up in your feed every so often. From empowering #GirlBoss images to motivating #RiseandGrind photos, social media is often filled these types of messages on Monday mornings.

Since your mindset determines your path, it’s worth your effort to mentally get on track as you start your week. But sometimes we need more than a quote and a cup of coffee to help us set a positive mindset for the week ahead. That’s why it’s helpful to have a #MondayMotivation Guide (like this one) to rely on. From simple ways to overcome obstacles to techniques that help you shift your perspective, here are 5 ways to create a positive mindset.

5 Easy Ways To Stay in a Positive Mindset

When life and work are flowing smoothly, feeling inspired is a breeze. But, during challenging times or busy periods, that’s often when we need to find a new source of inspiration.

Fortunately, there are mental and physical ways to help you hit the “reset” button on your own mind. Once you learn how to tap into your ability to shift your perspective, you can more easily stay in a positive mindset. Believe me – it changes everything!

5 Ways To Create a Positive Mindset

  • As author Eckhart Tolle says, “Realize deeply that the present moment is all you ever have.”
    • As you start your morning, take a few moments to just breathe and get centered. When we dwell on either the future or the past, we lose sight of the present moment, which is where our true power lies. Each choice you make happens in the Now, so slow down and be here. You’ll end up creating a life that you love if you spend more time being present in each moment.
  • As Carl Bard says, “Although no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.”
    • Mornings (especially Mondays) are a chance to start fresh. When you wake up, being your day by visualizing how you’d like it to flow, think about your goals and what you want to accomplish. 
    • As you get dressed, take time to get centered on your higher purpose, imagining all the things that drive and motivate you, and reflecting on why you do what you do.
    • Imagine yourself being in control, rather than being at the mercy of life (and whatever it throws your way). When you mentally put yourself in the driver’s seat, your life goes in the direction you want it to. 
  • As John Wooden says, “Failure isn’t fatal, but failure to change might be.”
    • Each day is a new opportunity to become the best version of ourselves. Often, that requires courage, confidence, and the ability to transform ourselves. The key is to be open to change.
    • If you often shy away from new experiences out of fear of the unknown, remind yourself that you’re stronger and more capable than you even know. If you need some proof of that, think back on all the challenges you’ve gone through to date. I can promise you that you’ve probably grown and evolved more during those difficult times than ever before. 
    • Learning how to embrace new experiences requires us to be adaptable. Be willing to let go of old habits (that don’t serve your best interest), and challenge yourself to try new (and improved) ways of living.
  • As Lisa Sugar (Co-Founder of POPSUGAR) says, “Work Hard, Play Nice.” 
    • Whether your boss is stressing you out, or your kids are driving you bonkers, learning how to keep your calm around others is often easier said than done. (Believe me, I know – I’ve worked in my family’s business since I was 18!).
    • When stress levels rise, it often ends up in chaos rather than cooperation. In these unnerving moments, remind yourself that it’s the perfect time to take a break. Go for a coffee run. Take a walk around the building. Do something that encourages you to “relax and let it go”, rather than getting frustrated and reacting harshly.
    • When you learn to stay centered and control your reactions, you end up feeling better (about yourself and the situation), while maintaining your calm. This helps you both in the present moment and toward building a happier, more harmonious future.
  • As Dr. Caroline Leaf (author of Think Learn Succeed) writes, “Willpower is the mindset that allows us to persevere even if we do not feel like persevering.”
    • Whenever you experience disappointment, a setback, or negative feedback – view it as a learning lesson. By shifting your perspective toward the constructive side of things helps you reframe your experience. Rather than letting the situation hold you back, use it as a catalyst to push you forward. 
    • If a client turned down your proposal, find out why. Perhaps it’s the wrong time, or the budget wasn’t right? The reasons behind the why are often the keys to helping you figure out a smarter, more successful strategy. 
    • Like the saying goes, “where there’s a will, there’s a way.” Remember that!

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