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As a licensed esthetician and skincare expert, Inspirations & Celebrations’ Beauty Contributor, Alana Mitchell, shares her expert tips on how to heal and treat dry skin this winter.

Dry skin affects most of us at one time or another, most commonly in the wintertime. If you suffer from dry skin, sometimes it can feel as though all the moisturizing you do is for nothing, because even all those things can’t compete with really dry skin and the weather.

Did you know that trauma to the skin caused by excessive dryness can leave cracks in your skin? If you suffer from extreme dry patches of skin, you may be vulnerable to an inflammatory response like psoriasis and eczema flare-ups. Winter weather causes the humidity in the air to drop, which means you need to adapt your skincare routine to help keep it moisturized and prevent fine lines and wrinkles.

Kiss Dry Skin Goodbye This Winter with These 5 Insider Tips

How To Heal & Treat Dry Skin in Winter

Well, the good news is we can help you hop off the struggle bus when it comes to your skin! That’s right, we’ve compiled five simple and effective ways to combat the driest of skin so you can wave bye-bye to the discomfort of dryness and say a big hello to hydration.

Tip #1: Don’t overdo it in the shower

Keep your time in the shower short; no more than 10 minutes. Use warm water rather than excessively hot water, and wash your face and body with a gentle, scent-free cleanser. No scrubbing! Pat your skin gently with a towel.

Tip # 2: Moisturizer is your new best friend

Apply immediately after washing your face and body. Ointments, creams, and lotions help prevent dryness by trapping the existing moisture within your skin post-shower or face wash. It’s important not to wait more than a few minutes after washing to apply your preferred moisturizer.

Kiss Dry Skin Goodbye This Winter with These 5 Insider Tips

Tip # 3: Natural remedies come right from your kitchen

Milk does a body good, alright. Did you know it has anti-inflammatory agents that can help with dry skin? If your skin is irritated or inflamed due to dry skin, milk helps moisturize your skin by directly soothing the inflammation and also helps improve your skin’s ability to retain moisture. Simply dab a washcloth soaked in milk along your affected areas of skin a few times per day. Along these same lines, yogurt also works to help soothe skin fast. Just be sure to take a bath afterward.

Oatmeal, long used for itchy skin due to bug bites and chicken pox, is a naturally soothing remedy you can add to your regular bath. It also prevents moisture loss in your skin. Add some oatmeal to your bath once or twice per week to satisfy your dry skin.

The American Academy of Dermatology recommends oils like olive oil, coconut oil, or jojoba oil. Shea butter is also recommended. These natural products contain a lot of antioxidants and fatty acids, which are some of the nutrients that your skin needs. These oils are very soothing to the skin, and you don’t have to worry about chemicals or sensitive skin reactions.

Tip # 4: Liven up your lips with balm

Your lips are an important part of your face to protect during cold weather. Choose a lip balm that feels soothing to your lips. The lip balm market is booming now more than ever, with every flavor and shade you could ever wish for at your favorite beauty outlets. Have fun with your look and protect your dry lips at the same time!

Kiss Dry Skin Goodbye This Winter with These 5 Insider Tips

Tip # 5: Use gentle, unscented products

Fragrances and deodorant soaps can be too harsh for dry skin and too inflammatory for sensitive skin. In addition, skincare products that contain alcohol, retinoids, or alpha-hydroxy should also be avoided when you have dry skin. When it comes to laundry detergents, non-irritating, hypoallergenic detergents are best. Making a DIY body butter with shea, olive oil, and coconut oil is an all-natural way to get luxurious, smooth skin.

When it comes to dry skin, most people don’t take it as seriously as other skin conditions like acne. Dry skin, though common and usually remedied easier than acne, can make your skin lose its luster and intensify aging. It causes cracked, flaky skin, dullness, irritated patches, and thus can intensify the lines on your face.

By following our five simple, natural tips for soothing your dry skin, your body will look and feel more supple in no time.

For more tips on how to heal and treat dry skin, check out the Skincare section on Inspirations & Celebrations.

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Contributor Alana MitchellFor over 14 years, Alana Mitchell (a licensed esthetician, beauty & skincare blogger, and mother of two), has sold over 300 lines of the highest of quality skincare lines through her store As a beauty contributor to Inspirations & Celebrations, Alana shares her insight and knowledge about skincare, personal care, and body treatments. 

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