Thanksgiving Greetings

Thanksgiving is always a great time to gather with loved ones and rejoice in the blessings in life. From home-cooked meals to annual family traditions, Thanksgiving is definitely one of the warmest and coziest holidays in the year.

Thanksgiving Greetings

Over the past year, my family and I have experienced several life-altering challenges and hardships. But, we’ve also had incredible miracles and positive changes as well. Through the trying moments in our lives (and the journeys we never imagined taking), our outlooks and personalities are inevitably shaped and molded. It’s in these times that we find ourselves making major life decisions and impactful choices that will forever have an impact on the course of our lives.

It’s through these experiences that we find out what we’re really made of – and realize we’re virtually invincible, if we choose to be. I personally learned this year that everyday must be appreciated, as it truly is a gift. In addition, we must constantly strive to be peacemakers, compassionate givers, and help those in need. These qualities truly help mold us into happier, more fulfilled people. Beyond all the fun times and the wish-list goodies, a joyful life filled with love, humor, and kindness is what makes life special.

As the Creator of Inspirations & Celebrations, my on-going mission is to lift your spirits, enchant your minds, and provide varied sources of inspiration and celebration. I am grateful for your continued support and engagement, and thank you for being a loyal reader.

Wishing you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving! xoxo

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