Thanksgiving is always a great time to gather with loved ones and rejoice in the blessings in life. From home-cooked meals to annual family traditions, Thanksgiving is definitely one of the warmest and coziest holidays in the year. Thanksgiving Greetings Over the past year, my family and I have experienced several Continue Reading
May you and your families be blessed with a very Merry Christmas! In celebration of this joyous holiday, it’s nice to take a moment to reflect on the past year and think about all the gifts (both material and experiential) we have been given. I’m incredibly grateful for good fortune, love, joy, prosperity, health, family […]
In the United States, most people correlate the month of November with Thanksgiving. This is a traditional holiday that is recognized by many as a period of counting one’s blessings, sharing kindness and generosity with the people we care about, and being thankful for all of the joys and abundance of good fortune in life […]