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PMD Personal Microderm Device Skin Treatment

Personal Microderm device is a revolutionary, at-home skin care tool that was designed to remedy a myriad of skin problems, including fine lines and wrinkles, sunspots and discoloration, coarse texture, acne, and dullness. Although Dermatologists have been conducting professional microdermabrasion treatments on patients for years, there has never been an powerful, at-home, hand-held device that could provide exceptional results for a fraction of the price. Now that the incredible PMD has hit the market, it’s flipped the skincare industry on it’s head.

What Is Microdermabrasion?

PMD explains that “the idea behind microdermabrasion is that if you break-apart and remove the dead skin cells on the stratum corneum skin layer, the body will interpret this as a mild injury and rush to replace the lost cells with healthy new ones. The process benefits the skin in numerous ways. When the stratum corneum is removed, the skin’s surface, tone, and texture are visibly improved. The new cells generated during the healing process look and feel smoother. Many of the skin’s visible imperfections – such as sun damage, blemishes, fine lines, and dark spots – improve as well. Without the stratum corneum acting as a barrier, skin care products can be fully absorbed and the greater penetration helps maximize the product benefits. Skin care products are up to 20 times more effective when combined with microdermabrasion.” While Microdermabrasion is known to help improve the look and feel of skin, the downsides are that it requires regular visits to a Professional, and the high cost associated with the treatments.

How Does The Personal Microderm Device Work?

The miraculous Personal Microderm device effectively combats these unsightly skin problems through the use of a rotating disc (comprised of aluminum oxide crystals), which is embedded in the top of the unit. The rotating mechanism combined with the crystallized surface thoroughly exfoliate the top layer of the skin, revealing fresh, youthful skin below and catalyzing the skin’s natural rejuvenation process.

PMD Personal Microderm Device Before and After Treatment

Not only does the Personal Microderm device provide immediate results after the first treatment, it was designed to help you completely change the appearance and texture of your skin over the course of time.

Above are actual un-retouched photos of my face (without makeup). In the left picture (taken right prior to the treatment), you can see some freckles, hyper-pigmentation, and a bit of dullness. Immediately after I used the Personal Microderm device, my skin’s texture was noticeably softer, the dark spots were virtually gone, and my pores looked smaller.

I have used the PMD three times (once weekly) for the past few weeks, and have noticed my skin significantly improving with each use. I’m excited to continue using the PMD in my skincare regimen, as it’s proven to be a truly effective tool in eradicating the skin problems I contend with.

As you continue to use the Personal Microderm device, you will notice an increasingly smoother skin texture, smaller pores, fewer breakouts, significantly reduced hyper-pigmentation, and overall skin clarity and brightness.

PMD Personal Microderm Device

How To Use The Personal Microderm Device

After watching the instructional DVD (which provides a thorough demonstration of the product), I felt comfortable using the light-weight, hand-held device. To start with, always wash your face and pat dry. It’s imperative that you use the Personal Microderm device on freshly cleaned, fully-dry skin.

The device comes pre-loaded with the white training disc (which is suitable for very sensitive skin or anyone just starting their microdermabrasion treatments). To turn it on simply connect the power cord to the unit by turning the connector until it locks in place. Then plug the electrical cord into an outlet. Turn the switch to the “ON” position.

Use your free hand to gently pull your skin tight in the treatment area, continually move the Personal Microderm device in a rapid, upward motion across the skin (without letting it stay in one area for too long). The device should be at a perpendicular angle to your skin, and you should feel a slight suction sensation (that indicates the device is properly working). As your skin gets used to these treatments (or for a more intense session), you can switch out the disc to one of the other (more abrasive) discs.

It’s important to note that PMD cautions users of the following: “Do not make more than two passes over one area during the treatment. Let your skin recover. Wait 6-7 days between treatments.”

Personal Microderm Device Before and After Wrinkles

Where To Buy A Personal Microderm Device

The retail price for the Personal Microderm device is just $179. From now through May 31, 2014, PMD is offering INSPIRATIONS & CELEBRATIONS readers an additional 25% OFF by entering Coupon Code: PMDBeauty25 at If you love beautiful skin, make sure to follow PMD on Facebook and Twitter for fabulous beauty tips, special announcements, and product information.

Sponsored Post: A complimentary PMD was provided for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.

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