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With the largest database of women sharing their style, Pose is the easiest way for people to find inspiring styles and spot and shop the trends they need to help turn their style inspiration into reality.

Pose is a platform that enables people to quickly and easily upload photos of themselves (explaining what they’re wearing – identifying brands and designers, as well as specific types of apparel and accessories). After they upload and ‘tag’ these images, they instantly share the pics with followers around the world. Similar to other social networks (like Twitter and Instagram), users add ‘hashtags’ (like #spring or #stripes) to help categorize their pics, which makes them easier to find by other users in the system. Users rate these pics by ‘hearting’ them (which is similar to a ‘like’ on Facebook) and commenting on them as well. Here’s an example of my Pose profile, to give you an idea about how it works, and the different ways you can upload/tag the images.

A big reason Pose has become so well-received by fashionistas everywhere, is primarily because the rise of personal style blogging has become a worldwide phenomena over the past several years. With the advent of new technology (from social platforms to mobile-apps), combined with people’s desire to share their style with the world, the popularity of taking ‘selfies‘ (photos of yourself) and sharing them with an online network, has increased exponentially.

The app is frequently used by personal style bloggers and fashion bloggers, as it instantly connects them with fans and followers, and helps them increase their exposure to new audiences. In addition, several celebrities (including celebrity stylist and fashion designer, Rachel Zoe, and E! News Co-Anchor, Catt Sadler) have created quite the buzz for frequently posting their ‘poses’ on this app.

Pose can be downloaded on both iOS and Android devices, and is designed to be user-friendly. With an app that looks this good, Pose puts the ‘fun’ in functional!


The Wide, Wild World of Fashion

I love to think about fashion, beauty, and style outside of what we wear on a daily basis. What’s the history of a perfume or designer? How did they evolve into what they are today? How does that impact the fashion cycle around us?

This week’s LALM is about the wide and wild world of fashion around us– from designers to brief nuggets of history. To iconic movements and figures (the flapper!) to reinventing and revitalizing old trends (crimping hair!). And of course– looks into icons and industry people. It’s all a wonderful reminder that there isn’t always anything new in fashion, but there are always new ways to explore it, challenge it, and investigate it.

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