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Stylish Office Decor Ideas for National Cubicle Day

While it might come as a surprise, April 28th is being heralded as National Cubicle Day. Yep, that’s right! There’s an actual day to celebrate working in a cubicle.

Since 40 million Americans work in cubicles at least five days a week, eight hours a day, (including notable executives like Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos, and Yahoo! Co-Founder, Jerry Yang), it makes sense to customize your work space, making it a place that inspires and motivates you to succeed.

National Cubicle Day Decor Ideas

With the right know-how, it’s easier than ever to turn a plain, boring workstation into a chic, functional office that puts you in a good mood Monday through Friday. To help you update your cubicle (or whatever type of work space you have), featured here are stylish office decor ideas and tips from interior designers and organizational experts.

Stylish Office Decor Ideas for National Cubicle Day

TIP # 1 – GET PLANTS: Bring the outside in with live plants. Anna Shiwlall (owner of 27 Diamonds, an interior design firm in Orange County, California) says, “Bring in an organic element by incorporating easy to maintain plants or a silk orchid.” Not only do plants add vibrant, cheery color into any work space, they also help boost the oxygen levels of any room, making it a healthier space for you to work in.

“Researchers at the University of Exeter found houseplants aided concentration, boosted productivity, and well-being by 47 percent. When an office was allowed to make design decisions with an office plant, creativity increased by 45 percent and productivity by 38 percent, the Daily Mail reports.” [Source: National Cubicle Day Data]

Stylish Office Decor Ideas for National Cubicle Day

TIP # 2 – GET ORGANIZED: Use stylish, coordinated organizational tools to keep your must-have work supplies within reach, organized, and tidy. A clean and functional cubicle makes multi-tasking and handling projects easier and less stressful. Plus, it enables you to find all your supplies quickly and easily, without having to rummage through drawers.

Joe Human (a NYC-based designer and owner of Designs by Human) suggests, “when we do office space we always recommend Poppin to our clients both for furniture and desktop accessories. They have a wide variety of colors and very unique options that make the desk or workspace less generic and much more playful and fun.”

Stylish Office Decor Ideas for National Cubicle Day

Tip # 3 – USE UPLIFTING SUPPLIES: From inspirational memo pads (that have uplifting quotes on them) to cute, smile-inducing paper clips (like these adorable Happy Clips), swapping out boring, basic supplies for cheery supplies instantly puts you in a good mood every time you come to work.

Stylish Office Decor Ideas for National Cubicle Day

Tip # 4 – USE PRETTY ORGANIZERS: From colorful file folders to binders with dreamy, mood-boosting prints, nothing makes a stylish statement like pretty organizers. Katie McCann (a NYC-based home and office organizational coach from Maeve’s Method) says, “Get a functional yet ascetically pleasing pen holder, file folder, etc so you’ll enjoy storing and retrieving the items you need to function throughout your day.” These pretty organizers will motivate you to stay organized by filing away important documents, and help give your cubicle a gorgeous decor boost.

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[Disclosure: Complimentary plants provided by Costa Farms.]

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