Baudelaire Primer and Mask
Everyone loves the look of glowing, dewy skin (which is the epitome of health); but oily, greasy skin is a whole other situation. Dealing with oily or combination skin is not a seasonal problem (usually thought to be a result of humidity and hot weather during spring and summer months); it’s a year-round issue that can usually be attributed to one’s genetics. But with proper skin care treatments and products, greasy, shiny skin can become a thing of the past. That’s great news for every woman who’s ever been faced with this dilemma. That’s where the Baudelaire Primer and Mask comes in handy.
Australian designer and entrepreneur, Kimberley Baudelaire, was frustrated with her own skin problems, so she took matters into her own hands by creating the Baudelaire 2-in-1 Oil Absorbing Primer and Mask. For all you beauty product junkies out there, you’ll be happy to learn that the ingredients in this highly-effective formula include: Purified Aqua, Magnesium Hydroxide (Derived from Sea Water). Self preserving formula, strengthened with Phenoxyethanol and Ethylhexylglycerin. And that’s not all! It’s free from: Parabens, Oil, Silicone, Color and Fragrance, and is not tested on animals.
Baudelaire Primer and Mask
This all-natural, effective, multi-tasking product can be used daily as a face primer (worn by itself, or underneath concealer, foundation, and/or powder). The formula has a light, foamy consistency when pumped out of the bottle, but it doesn’t leave any sticky residue (as some primers tend to). It eliminates the look of oil or shine (which is especially great for the T-zone area), and goes on smoothly. The oil-absorbing effect lasts for hours.
Baudelaire Primer and Mask
And for extra oil-absorbing treatment (and to help minimize acne), the solution can be used as a face mask. Just apply an ample amount on your clean face, leave on for about 15 minutes (until dry), and thoroughly wash off. It’s especially useful for unclogging the pores on your nose (which is a tricky area to handle, even for aestheticians).
Baudelaire Primer and Mask
Say goodbye to oily skin once and for all, and try the Baudelaire 2-in-1 Primer and Mask. It not only provides instantaneous results, with use over time, it will help keep skin clean and clear.
DISCLAIMER: This beauty product review is unbiased and represents my honest opinion. A complimentary sample was provided to me to test and review.

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