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How To Get Clear Skin - A Simple 4-Step Process
Whether you’re in your teens or are a grown adult, acne can happen to anyone, at any age. Aside from dealing with wrinkles, breaking out is one of the biggest problems people face throughout the course of their lives. While diet and nutrition definitely play a major role in determining the appearance of our skin, proper skin care maintenance is vitally important as well. Featured here are tips showing you how to get clear skin and heal acne fast.

How To Get Clear Skin & Heal Acne Fast


The first step in any skin care regimen is proper cleansing. Since most people who have acne tend to have oily skin, their first inclination is to use a face cleanser that is drying. But this exacerbates the problem, as your skin will start over-compensating (when it’s stripped of it’s natural oils by drying agents), by producing even more oil. The key is to use a gentle cleanser that is oil-free, but does not dry out your skin.


Exfoliating is an important part of skin care maintenance, as it stimulates skin cell renewal by shedding the ‘dead’ skin cells, which encourages new (fresh) skin cells to regenerate. This process makes your skin look radiant and youthful. But improper exfoliation can also aggravate acne (making it redder), and can even lead to damaged skin. That’s why harsh granular scrubs are not advisable. Instead, opt for an exfoliant that relies on fruit acids to chemically exfoliate the skin.

Deep Clean

Once or twice a week, it’s recommended to use a deep cleaning mask to clear out debris and trapped oils from your pores. A clay-based mask is a great option for acne-prone skin. Just make sure to thoroughly wash your face after using the treatment. If you love DIY beauty treatments, try my all-time favorite Lemon Face Mask – it’s a natural way to get clear skin and heal acne fast.


Some estheticians and dermatologists would encourage you to regularly use a toner or astringent before using a moisturizer. This is an optional step, and really is more of a personal preference than anything. Toners can be drying for some people (as many of them contain witch hazel). As long as you thoroughly cleanse (each day), exfoliate and deep clean a few times a week, and moisturize your skin (with a lightweight, oil-free moisturizer), that should be sufficient. When it comes to clear skin – the ‘less is more’ approach is often times the best way to go.


Instead of applying salicylic acid or pimple creams all over your face (which would be too drying), just spot treat the zits instead. You can also use a home-made mixture of baking soda and water to dab on the pimples before heading to bed. This will help heal acne while you’re sleeping, leading to clear skin fast.

As a final tip, just relax. Stress is known to be one of the leading causes of acne. With that said, you’re sometimes better off not focusing on the problem, as that can make it worse. Just follow a regular skin care routine, keep your hands off your face, and go on with your day.

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      Thanks Lauren! That sounds like a good idea too. Salicylic acid is very helpful with combating acne.

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