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How To Host A Halloween Dinner Party

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, not because of the wacky witches, scary skeletons, or haunted houses; but rather, because of the opportunity to play dress-up (in a fabulous costume, of course) and attend a number of fun Halloween parties, ranging from major events at top venues to quaint and intimate gatherings at friends’ houses.

Halloween Dinner Party

This is a fun and festive holiday that you can celebrate any way you like – from daring decorations and costumes to traditional settings and simple ensembles. So, if goblins and ghosts are your thing, by all means, incorporate them into your home decor. But, if you’re more like me, why not enjoy the holiday for all the warmth and richness that this autumnal celebration can bring?

Here are a few easy DIY decorating and entertaining ideas you can use when hosting a Halloween Dinner Party (that will get rave reviews from your guests).

Pretty Pumpkins: Instead of carving out pumpkins (which encourages faster decomposition), use a metallic spray paint (in gold, silver, or bronze) to turn ordinary pumpkins into glamorous focal points. You can use various sized pumpkins (from miniature to medium-sized ones) to create heightened visual interest (clustered together on your table or scattered throughout your home). You can also use a stencil if you prefer to spray paint a pretty motif onto the pumpkins (such as a paisley or leaf pattern).

Farm-to-Table Place Settings: Instead of using traditional napkin holders (which tend to be more formal), add a casual, rustic touch to your autumnal table setting by using straw to wrap your linens. Straw can be purchased by the roll at craft stores, such as Michael’s.

Pumpkin Food: Rather than baking a pumpkin pie for your Halloween dinner party, why not change things up by making  unexpected (and delicious!) Pumpkin Bread? If you’re not the Martha Stewart type, no worries. Trader Joe’s offers pre-made ingredients that can be easily put together to whip up a batch in no time. This can be served in the beginning of the meal or as a healthier dessert option (by adding yummy and vitamin A-rich Pumpkin Butter on top).

Make A Not-So-Scary Scarecrow: Rather than buy a Scarecrow from a store, make your own. Get old denim overalls and a plaid button-down shirt (which can usually be bought from Goodwill or a vintage store), stuff them completely with crumpled newspaper, and stick a broom (bristle-side up) through the overalls. Get hay (from a hay and feed supply, equestrian center, or a nearby farm) to stuff into the ‘legs’ of the overalls and ‘arms’ and ‘neck’ of the shirt. Top off your scarecrow with a pumpkin (as his head). And for a finishing touch, toss on a bandana around his ‘neck’ and a cowboy hat on his ‘head’. Voila! Your not-so-scary scarecrow is ready to be put on display.

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