Gardening is a hobby I’ve enjoyed getting into over the years. Not only is it both productive and creative, it has lasting benefits that improve the long-term appearance of one’s home, making it an especially worthwhile pastime. But for those of us DIY gardeners who don’t rely on the expertise of a landscaper, it’s sometimes challenging figuring out which plants, trees, and flowers will flourish in a particular location, environment, or climate. In addition, trying to determine the layout of a garden design can be daunting. Until now… 


Browsing through the iPhone app store, I came across an ingenious app called “Eden Garden Designer“. The program enables you to quickly and easily create a visual layout for your own garden. 

Take a photo of your current garden (or plot of land), open the image in the app, and simply start adding flowers and foliage. 


The system has a library of plants to choose from, providing detailed information about each plant type (including their blooming season, expected height, sun exposure requirements, etc.). 

After adding the plants to your design, the app even gives you a preview of the garden during various seasons throughout the year. Above is an example of a garden I designed (featured during early summer; below is the same garden during early spring). This is very helpful when planning a garden layout, so that you properly space plants in a manner than looks attractive at all times of year (whether they are in bloom or not). 

Now that we’re heading into fall, it’s a perfect time to plan ahead and start working on your garden. 

  1. When I read more about this app you are talking about, I was glad to realize that The system has a library of plants to choose from, providing detailed information as I needed something like this for quite some time.

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