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As a 2012 Glambassador for Glamour Magazine, a fun part of my role entails Beauty Product Reviews. In today’s post, I will be sharing my reviews on the Energizer Personal Care beauty products. From tropical, scented sunscreen to  no-nick disposable razors, these are the best beauty products to help you look and feel beach-body perfect, just in time for summer. For more information about these products, check out the May 2012 Issue of Glamour.

The old saying goes “beauty is only skin deep”, and while that may be the case, it sure helps to have great-looking skin! Although we all love the look of sun-kissed glowing skin, smart women know that the harmful rays of the sun will have us looking more like Magda, the wacky neighbor from the movie “There’s Something About Mary“, sooner than we can say “Hello Sunshine”. While you’re busy spray-tanning your way to perfection, make sure to apply sunscreen everyday. Available in a range of SPFs (12-50), Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration™ sunscreen offers exceptional, broad-spectrum sun protection from UVA and UVB rays. The silky smooth lotion (that provides 12-hour moisturization) and it’s tropical scent leave you feeling like lounging by the pool on a warm summer day. 
No nicks? No cuts? No problem! Designed with 4 blades (for a close, smooth shave) and an ergonomic rubber grip (for comfort and control) the Schick® Quattro for Women® Disposable Razor is honestly the best disposable razor I’ve ever used. And since it has a flexible protective strip surrounding the blades, it made shaving hard-to-reach spots (like behind the knee and around the ankle) easier than ever.  
No time to schedule a bikini wax before you hit the beach? No worries! The Schick® Quattro for Women® TrimStyle® will come to your rescue just in the nick of time. This waterproof razor and bikini trimmer in one will let you shave and trim with ease. With a DIY product like this, you don’t have to be a gardener to “trim your own hedge”! 
The yummy, fruit-scented Skintimate® Shave Gel definitely makes morning showers  much more enjoyable. Nourishing your skin with Olive Butter and Vitamin E, this luxurious shave gel helps you achieve silky, smooth skin that lasts all day.   
When the weather starts getting hotter, and you want to work-out outside, the best way to wick away icky sweat is with Playtex® Sport Body Wipes. Designed for the “on-the-go woman”, these convenient wipes gently remove dirt and sweat, leaving you feeling refreshed and clean. What I love about these wipes is that they are alcohol-free (so they’re not drying for your skin), have a light fresh scent, and are individually-wrapped (so you can toss them in your bag or keep them in your car). My good friend, Tami (an avid marathon runner, television reporter, and woman who’s always on-the-go), used these wipes this past weekend after running in the 26.2 mile Big Sur International Marathon. She said, “After working up a sweat from the race, these wipes were really refreshing to use and smelled great! These would be perfect to toss in my gym bag or car, for those days when I have to go from the gym or outdoor workout (especially in the summer heat), but don’t have time to take a shower.”  
For all you active, energizer bunnies out there who don’t want to let your “time of the month” slow you down, Playtex® Sport Tampons were designed for you. They have FlexFit™ technology which enables the tampon to fit your body, adapting to the way you move, and providing Sport Level Protection®. In discussing these products with my friend, Tami, she exclaimed “I’ve used the Playtex® Sport Tampons, and they’re great!”. She continued to tell me a story about running in the Indianapolis Half-Marathon, which happened right when she got a visit from “Aunt Flo” (if you catch my drift!). She remembered seeing a commercial on television for this product, so she figured the marathon was the perfect time to try them out. She said “they worked exactly as advertised – no leakage, lasting over 2 hours (the duration of the run), and very comfortable.” I’d call that a true testament to this product’s effectiveness!

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