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This weekend I will be in San Francisco (California) to attend the 36th Annual Wine Auction (check back next week for photos and event coverage). During my visit to SF (also known as “The Greenest City in North America”), I plan on attending the Earth Day San Francisco celebration on April 22nd at Civic Center.
“[The Earth Day San Francisco] festival includes some of the most prominent green educators and organizers in the country, as well as a host of powerful musicians… together we seek to encourage the public to actively pursue Earth-friendly solutions and to empower the sustainability movement to grow and thrive worldwide.” (Quote: EDSF)
Below are some eco-chic fashion and home products that are produced out of environmentally-friendly materials. What are you doing on Earth Day to think and act proactively in helping our environment?

{Melissa Peace Printed Tassel Wedges made from 100% Recycled Rubber}
{Matt & Nat Oak Pebble Across Body Bag made with recycled fabric lining}

{Earthly Treasures Mini Journal made out of recycled materials}


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