Yesterday’s post about Claudia Schiffer’s phenomenal ability to look like she hasn’t aged in over 20 years got me thinking about the aging process in general… why some people look fantastic as time goes by, while others aren’t so lucky.
You’ve probably heard of two words regarding aging: Free Radicals. But what are they? “Free radicals are potentially harmful oxygen atoms, which can damage cell structures so badly that DNA codes are altered and immunity is impaired.” (Source: Nutrition News, Vol XXXI, No. 8) In non-scientific terms, they’re a major reason why we “age”. 
So, how do we combat these pesky buggers?
The antidotes to aging are antioxidants, since they inactivate free radicals. “Antioxidants can reduce the risk of degenerative diseases (often reversing the effects) and slow the aging process.” (Source: Nutrition News, Vol XXXI, No. 8) 
Although our bodies naturally produce antioxidants, the pollutants in our environments (pesticides, engine exhaust, radiation, etc.) bombard our systems, thereby overwhelming our naturally-made antioxidants. To offset this damage, it’s important add whole foods (like fruits and vegetables) and supplements that have potent antioxidants in them.  
Below are five antioxidant-rich sources that you can easily add to your daily diet.*

1. Vitamin C
2. Vitamin E
3. Selenium
4. Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10)
5. Lipoic Acid

(*Before adding supplements to your diet, consult with your physician.)

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