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Although I love hosting parties, I’m not into time-consuming, costly preparations for these little shindigs. So, that’s why I love the Yankee Doodle Dandy® E-Z Balloon Kit®This is the perfect DIY party decorating product. 
E-Z BALLOON KIT® is considered the EASIEST, FASTEST, and SAFEST balloon kit on the market! The magic of the award-winning E-Z Balloon Kit® is in the self-sealing “E-Z Safety Seal®” balloon valve, which is pre-inserted into each latex balloon at the factory. Each valve features 4-feet of colorful, coiled, satin ribbon pre-attached. The valved balloon enables me to simply inflate the balloon (the valve seals the helium in the balloon, so no knot needs to be tied). How great is that?!
Each kit includes E-Z Safety Seal® Pre-Strung Valved Assorted Color Latex Balloons and

1 Portable, Recyclable (non-refillable) Helium Cylinder & Inflation Nozzle.

No more driving through traffic with pre-inflated balloons, which obstructs visibility. No more sore fingers from tying knots in balloons. No more buying, cutting, and attaching ribbon. No more expensive helium cylinder rentals or deliveries. No need to hire a costly balloon decorator.
I can inflate, seal, and string a helium filled balloon in just seconds, which means I have more time to focus on other pre-party preparations. This easy to use, portable, recyclable party decoration kit makes hosting celebrations even more enjoyable!

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