Once wedding planning commences, brides are often faced with a tricky question: “What comes first, choosing your wedding dress or the location?” One simply cannot opt for a dress with a long trail if the wedding is being held on a sandy beach, or decide on a casual knee-length number for a black-tie affair held in a grand ballroom. Continue Reading
Your wedding is supposed to be your fairy tale day – and indeed it will be, if you pay heed to the cost of it. The average wedding now costs $30,000 or more, and many couples get themselves into huge amounts of debt over this one day of celebrations. But getting married need not break […]
Most women have dreamt about their wedding day since they were little girls. Aside from figuring out the location, theme, and event details, the biggest challenge brides face is finding the perfect dress.    Fortunately, there is such a wide range of styles to select from, which makes narrowing down choices a little easier. This […]