In a world where looking your best is a full time job in itself, considering having Botox is something what many people think about. With any kind of cosmetic surgery, it is important that you know what is involved as well as some of the alternatives. You will need to consider what you want the cosmetic […]
Whether you need to apply makeup for photos or just want to look flawless in your everyday life, the key to proper makeup application starts with fabulous skin care. When your skin is smooth and even textured, it helps foundation, concealer, and blush glide on easily and effortlessly, resulting in a picture-perfect look. Since we don’t […]
Growing up is a part of life, but looking older shouldn’t be! That’s where great skin care products can help stave off the aging process. I was recently given a sample of the Own Lifting Eye Cream from Own Skin Health to provide a beauty product review of. Touted as an ‘anti-aging’ product, the company proclaims that Continue Reading