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Whether you’re a car buff or not, if you know anything about Monterey Car Week, it’s one of the most sensational week-long showcases of automotive excellence that you could possibly imagine. Set within the beautiful natural surroundings of the renowned Monterey Peninsula in Northern California, Auto Week has become the ultimate play place for the […]
As Coco Chanel poignantly said, “Fashion changes-style remains.” When it comes to apparel, fashion trends may come and go, but timeless style endures. Suppose you want to elevate your style while looking sophisticated and elegant this season. In that case, curating a capsule wardrobe for summer is an essential step toward achieving a chic and […]Continue Reading
To inspire you to expand your horizons, IC Lifestyle Images just released the new “European Dream Collection” of beautiful travel photography prints by Christina-Lauren Pollack, exclusively available on Etsy. From breathtaking photos of Florence landmarks, architecture, and unparalleled vistas to gorgeous images of the iconic South of France, get swept away with the most incredible […]