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One of the greatest joys of the holidays comes with giving. Over the years, I’ve fallen in love with the gift-giving experience, as it’s a fun way to share our love with others (while making them feel special). Not to mention, seeing the joyful look on someone’s face when they’re surprised to receive the perfect gift! It’s a win-win for everyone. But don’t just take my word for it…

Celebrate The Joy of Gift-Giving

Did you know that it’s scientifically proven that gift-giving boosts your own happiness? Giving gifts activates endorphins and dopamine in your brain. These natural chemicals are part of the body’s reward system and work to make you feel good. So, when you give someone a gift, it results in making you both feel good. No wonder they call it “spreading joy” because that’s what you’re literally doing!

Celebrate The Joy of Gift-Giving

Whether you’re shopping for the home-entertainer, the DIY-er who loves to get crafty, or even the fashion & beauty lover – here are 5 inspiring holiday gift ideas for the gals in your life.

That’s not all! One lucky reader will win a gorgeous gift that will surely put a smile on her face this season.

Holiday Gifts for Her

Celebrate The Joy of Gift-Giving

Cricut Joy Machine & Accessories

This innovative, compact, and easy-to-use machine makes it fun and fast to create original DIY greeting cards, gift tags, and more. Complete with all the tools, deluxe paper supplies, and accessories she’ll need to make beautiful Christmas, New Year’s, and Birthday cards, this all-in-one technology offers an easy way to get crafty and creative this season. The Cricut Joy is a small yet powerful cutting and writing machine that cuts 50+ materials including iron-on, cardstock, vinyl, paper, and more. It’s ideal for creating personalized cards and decals with your own designs. The company offers user-friendly online software that enables anyone to create eye-catching designs that get printed or cut out with the Cricut machine in just seconds.

Celebrate The Joy of Gift-Giving

Chocolat-e Gift Box

Containing an assortment of gourmet, adult-friendly individually-wrapped chocolates, this box is truly a delicious and indulgent gift for any chocolate lover or hostess. Crafted by elite chocolatier, Frédéric Cassel (an award-winning French chocolatier and pastry chef) who held the prestigious title of “Best Pastry Chef in France” (in 1999 and 2003), these exquisite chocolates are designed to be savored, not just eaten. The Discovery Box by Chocolat-e was created with the customer in mind; to provide a memorable tasting experience that elevates their holiday celebrations. Each box contains 30 pieces in a variety of 6 flavor profiles. Enjoy 15% off after registering online for their newsletter.

Celebrate The Joy of Gift-Giving

Tree Hut Candy Cane Sugar Scrub

Since every woman wants to look and feel her best, inspire her to indulge in a little self-care and at-home pampering with this sumptuous body scrub. Infused with the refreshing scent of peppermint, this natural sugar scrub makes it easy to exfoliate dry, dull skin. In addition to sloughing away dead skin cells (revealing healthy, youthful skin below the surface), the hydrating natural ingredients in the Tree Hut Candy Cane Sugar Scrub (including Shea Butter, Evening Primrose, Avocado, Macadamia, Sweet Almond, Safflower, and Orange Oils) hydrate the skin, leaving it soft and silky.

Celebrate The Joy of Gift-Giving

Helzberg Jewelry

One of the most cherished gifts that will last a lifetime is the gift of jewelry. For any woman who loves timeless, elegant, and feminine pieces, Helzberg Jewelry offers a wide variety of beautiful designs in sterling silver and 14k gold. From bracelets (like this delicate gold chain bracelet) to earrings, necklaces, and more – the 150-store brand has a reputation for creating high-quality, exquisitely-crafted pieces. Shop Helzberg’s curated collection of top jewelry gifts for under $600.

Celebrate The Joy of Gift-Giving

Figenza Liquor

For the hostess who loves to entertain or whip up craft cocktails, Figenza Liquor offers premium natural flavored vodka infused with the taste of refreshing figs, straight from the heart of the Mediterranean. Not only is this vodka 31% alcohol, but it’s also gluten-free and contains 6x double-filtrated, ultra-premium Scandinavian glacier water. To get her inspired to celebrate this season here’s an easy and elegant holiday cocktail recipe idea to accompany this gourmet gift. Plus, enjoy 10% off all orders with code FIGSFORHER21 (now until 12/10/21).

  • Fill a glass with ice cubes
  • Add 2 shots of Figenza Vodka
  • Fill glass with club soda
  • Add fresh cranberries
  • Top with a sprig of fresh rosemary

The Joy of Gift-Giving Giveaway

Because I love gift-giving as much as the next gal, Inspirations & Celebrations is gifting one lucky reader with this gorgeous 14k gold bracelet (valued at $399) from Helzberg Jewelry. This beautiful paperclip chain bracelet is influenced by a sleek, contemporary design. Long, thin 14K yellow gold links create a comfortable yet tailored item that adds a feminine, chic, and luxurious look to any outfit.

Celebrate The Joy of Gift-Giving

The Joy of Gift-Giving Giveaway runs from December 8 – December 19, 2021.

To enter, follow the easy instructions listed in the Gleam-powered giveaway widget shown below. The random winner will be drawn on December 20th, and contacted via email. The winner must reply by email within 48-hours by providing their mailing address and contact information. Failure to reply within this time period will result in the automatic forfeiture of the prize. In that situation, another random winner will be drawn.

The Joy of Gift-Giving Giveaway

To be eligible to win, entrants must be age 18+. This giveaway is open to USA and Canada residents only.

  1. Jamie Johnson says:

    What a great giveaway! So many beautiful presents! Almost everything I want this year is on my Wishlist due to COVID19. It hit our family HARD! So if I get anything this year, I’ll be happy! But I’d really love a new E-bike cuz I don’t drive. I’m blind in my right eye, so driving is off the table for me. But riding is not! So a new e-bike, some diamond stud earrings, and a big Vermont Teddy Bear are just a few items on my wishlist this year! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Hope everyone has the best Xmas ever!

  2. I wish for my son to ring the bell for being Cancer free in the New Year. Merry Christmas to all and I hope all your wishes come true.

  3. Currently a new dryer is on my list bc ours just tore up and at the rate to fix it, it will be cheaper to purchase a new one.

  4. Jennifer Redd says:

    My holiday wish is to visit with my family, and when we all leave we are still all healthy (multiple higher-risk people, we are taking precautions.)

  5. Debbie Gifford says:

    At the top of my wish list are the celebrations of Christmas with all of my family but as another gift, I’d love to receive a piece of jewelry.

  6. I am so tired of Covid. I am tired of the endless bad news. I am tired of those who should be protecting us – doing something else.

  7. Anything that sparkles is lovely! I’m wishing mostly for a home that sparkles with laughter over the holidays and into the New Year.

  8. My holiday wish list includes having my son and his family arrive safe and sound for Christmas! Something sparkly would be nice, too!

  9. On my wish list maybe some new earrings this Christmas. Thanks for this awesome sweep. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year !!!!!

  10. Sandy Weinstein says:

    i dont have much on my holiday list, some new clippers for my dogs, a new cordless vacuum cleaner, some things for my vet’s office employees, some cosmetic things. would love another puppy.

  11. I have an electric blanket on my holiday wish list! Would love to enjoy the warmth all winter long! Hope everyone’s holiday wishes are fulfilled!

  12. Marie Charvat says:

    Thank you for this neat contest! My Christmas wish is for health (no-Covid) for everyone! I am blessed with a family of my choosing- my boyfriend, my other friends and my three older cats since my parents have died and the rest of an extended family, which is losing my parents’ generation, is in Europe.
    Best wishes for a peaceful Christmas (or other holiday) and a wonderful, healthy New Year!

  13. Bridgette Williams says:

    I’m just thankful that my daughter and I survived a car wreck. We were t-boned by another vehicle on our way home from work.

  14. Maria Proctor says:

    My holiday wish this year would be to get a new mattress for the bed that my husband & I sleep on, since the one we have now is on it’s last legs.

  15. I would love to get a new phone case. I’m not picky! I’m hoping I get enough money so that I have a little extra to get myself this. God bless and Happy Holidays everyone!!!

  16. BABYDOLL1129128 says:


  17. I am just hoping to be able to get a gift or 2 for each of my 3 grandchildren this year. Their smiles are all I need for Christmas 🙂

  18. Hello I&C. I’m going to say a brand new mobile phone to replace my currently aging one is most definitely on my holiday wish list for this year. That and my wish for a return to a sense of normalcy and peace, along with a shift back to less chaotic times. Extending you a thank you for this latest opportunity.

  19. I am hoping for a new desk chair one that is more comfortable. I would love the Cricut it looks amazing and you could do so many things.

  20. Jennifer Primm says:

    Holiday wishes to all of Good Health, Prosperity, Hope and Blessings!. Per usual the Inspirations & Celebrations 14k Gold Jewelry Giveaway + Gift Guide is well appointed.

  21. The only thing I want on my list this year is for my dad to make it to Christmas even though things look not so good and hopefully make it alot more passed Christmas

  22. Brenda Williamson says:

    I want to be healthy. I have a bleeding disorder and chronic bowel bleeds. I am tired of anemia, weakness , shortness of breath and hospitalizations.

  23. Audrey Stewart says:

    I always ask for the same thing…Friskie’s canned cat food for the elderly cats I shelter. Some so old, they have no teeth.

  24. First off, thank you very much Inspirations & Celebrations for presenting yet another fabulous giveaway. This one is seriously stunning! What an absolutely gorgeous and dazzling bracelet!

    As for what’s on my Christmas wishlist for this Holiday Season? Well, this bracelet would be a wonderful place to start. In addition, I would really love some haircare products, skincare creams, along with a few small kitchen appliances. And of course, more time with my family would also be nice.

    Thanks so much again Inspirations & Celebrations for all this! Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to you!

  25. I know it is one of the most common wishes, but I really, really, would love to see my youngest son again. It’s been three years since we’ve seen each other in person. The phone calls just aren’t the same as being together in real life.

  26. Milly Voskanyan says:

    My holiday wish list is easy. I just wish that I will have all my loved ones here for Christmas. Thank you for another wonderful holiday giveaway!

  27. Frankie Pinnix says:

    The only Christmas wish I have this year is to have our only son with us during the holidays! He moved to AZ over a year ago to take a new job (which he loves) and we live in AL. Needless to say, he doesn’t get home very often. It is my hope and prayer that it all works out this Christmas!

  28. I did not make a list this year, just going by the seat of my pant’s this year. I do have 8 people to buy for, not much money and need to get out and get it done.

  29. Yes, it’s funny how good it makes you feel when you give someone a nice gift. I have someone in mind if I win the Cricut machine.

  30. Margaret Smith says:

    Honestly, my husband and I don’t exchange anymore and instead just buy for our kids. I do have my eyes out for a mini food processor though and will probably get one after Christmas.

  31. Debbie Welchert says:

    I really would like to replenish my kitchen gadgets. Like wooden spoons, measuring cups, etc. Mine are really old and somethings are chipped and so on.

  32. Dorothy Boucher says:

    On my holiday wish list is really just to make sure I have what I need for the children, table setting and maybe a new pair of sox LOLL.

  33. gloria patterson says:

    What’s on my holiday wish list……………….. NOTHING

    All of my extended family is at the age if they want something they buy it. Just spending time together is enough

  34. Doreen Lamoureux says:

    Well, we won’t be seeing everyone as we all live in different places. So, my wish is to enjoy video chats with everyone. Secretly, I really desire a massage chair. Wink

  35. BETTY BROWNING says:

    It’s been tough for just about everyone this past couple of years. I’m hoping we’re all going to be uplifted into better things for the new year. Many blessings yall.

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