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Whether you wear lipstick every day or just for special celebrations, lipstick has the power to transform your face. From a bold pop of red to sweet baby pink, here are 6 gorgeous lipsticks that brighten your face during winter. 

6 Gorgeous Lipsticks That Brighten Your Face During Winter

6 Gorgeous Lipsticks for Winter

From matte and suede formulas to lustrous glossy finishes, lipsticks come in a wide variety of options nowadays. The best part is – there are so many colors to choose from, that the possibilities are virtually endless. Not to mention – it gives us even more chances to find skin-flattering shades that make us look great. 

6 Gorgeous Lipsticks That Brighten Your Face During Winter

To help you find gorgeous lipsticks that look great for hours, today’s beauty guide shares 6 recent lipsticks I’ve discovered that I’m confident you’ll like too. 

6 Gorgeous Lipsticks That Brighten Your Face During Winter

Gorgeous Nude Lipsticks

If you feel like you’re always on the hunt for the perfect nude lip color, your search is over. With its long-wearing, matte formula and rich opaque finish, the Au Naturelle MatteLast Liquid Lip by Pixi by Petra will surely win your heart. This peachy-hued nude lipstick has become one of my go-to everyday lipsticks, especially when I’m going for a “natural beauty” look. Plus, it lasts for hours, which makes it a great option while on-the-go.

6 Gorgeous Lipsticks That Brighten Your Face During Winter

Gorgeous Pink Lipsticks

For those days when you want a soft, feminine look, or you’re rocking a sultry smokey eye, a luscious pink lipstick is in order. If you’re searching for a luxurious, creamy pink lipstick with a glossy finish, then look no further than the new The Rouge lipstick (in shade PK 853) by Decorté. This feminine rose pink lipstick glides on easily and imparts a dewy, just-been-kissed finish. Plus, the hydrating formula contains a moisturizing base, to help your lips feel hydrated for hours. This lipstick is also ideal for women over 40 who are concerned about fine lines, as it makes lips look slightly fuller and more youthful.

6 Gorgeous Lipsticks That Brighten Your Face During Winter

If you’re more of a matte pink lipstick gal, then a smart choice to try is I Am Brilliant by RealHer Cosmetics. Not only does the name sound inspiring, but it’s also one of the prettiest long-wearing natural lipsticks I’ve tried on in a while. It has a soft, pink-mauve color, a lightweight formula, and a matte finish – making it a versatile, wear-with-anything hue.

6 Gorgeous Lipsticks That Brighten Your Face During Winter

Gorgeous Orange Lipsticks

One of my favorite lipstick colors has always been coral. While I generally stay away from vibrant orange colors (as they’re ideal caramel and dark complexions), Sassy by Osmosis Cosmetics surprised me. This cheery opaque lipstick adds a hint of radiance to the lips, as it has a shimmery formulation. When I wear this long-wearing lipstick, it instantly puts me in a good mood, as it’s the quickest way to brighten up my face during winter.

6 Gorgeous Lipsticks That Brighten Your Face During Winter

Gorgeous Red Lipsticks

There’s nothing quite like a dramatic red lipstick to finish a look. Since red is a strong statement color, a satin finish is always a classy choice. Imparting just a hint of sheen to the lips, Lip Lock (in Candied) by Karity Cosmetics is a sumptuous orange-hued red liquid lipstick that creates a bold lip look. Plus, this long-wearing formula makes it a smart choice for on-the-go days or even date night. Plus it’s cruelty-free, paraben-free, and vegan too.

6 Gorgeous Lipsticks That Brighten Your Face During Winter

Gorgeous Plum Lipsticks

When you’re in a vampy, sultry mood, a deep plum lipstick is a smart way to go. Since plum lipsticks can sometimes exude a gothic look (especially if you’re fair-skinned, like me), opting for a berry-hued plum is a good choice. That’s why I was pleased to discover Eternity Lipstick (in color Charm) by Au Naturale, a creamy plum-colored lipstick that has an elegant finish. Not to mention – this lipstick is 100% natural, cruelty-free, vegan and made in the USA, which is a big bonus!

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  1. What lovely colours in your presentation! Could you please acknowledge your Canadian viewers. It would be great to know if these products are available in Western Canada, i.e. Vancouver, B.C. Also,
    do you have any good tips for proper application of good quality lipsticks where a polished end result is the goal? It would be greatly appreciated, and thank you so much!

    • Christina-Lauren says:

      Hi Toby, thanks for your comment. I’m unsure if these are available in Canada (as they’re sold online). Regarding application – always gently exfoliate lips first, then apply a hydrating lip balm, fill-in with lip liner and then apply lipstick.

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