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When it comes to holiday gift shopping, one of the most popular gifts to buy is perfume.

Not only can fragrances evoke a feeling, but they also have the power to be symbolic and inspiring. Since we often have memories in connection with scents, giving a fragrance as a holiday gift is even more impactful and meaningful, as the recipient will always think of you when they wear it. 

In collaboration with Kohl’s, today’s beauty guide shares tips on finding inspiring fragrance gifts for the holidays.

  • Discover 3 reasons why a woman falls in love with a particular fragrance.
  • Learn how different notes combine to create a unique and alluring scent.
  • Find out how perfumes can influence the mood of the person wearing it.

How to Shop for Inspiring Fragrance Gifts for the Holidays

When shopping for fragrance gifts, think about the following 3 reasons a woman falls in love with a fragrance.

  1. She cherishes a perfume bottle that’s beautiful to look at. Since it will most likely be displayed on her vanity, choosing a fragrance that comes in elegant packaging is essential. In addition, it will become an integral part of her daily beauty routine, so it’s imperative that she find it appealing. When shopping for a fragrance gift, it’s wise to look for understated, classy elements, like chrome caps, glass bottles, and subtle branding. 
  2. The scent should evoke a feeling for her. When shopping for a fragrance gift, think about the personality of the recipient. Is she self-confident, glamorous and sexy? Or does she exude a sweet, feminine, and soulful demeanor? Her characteristics can help guide you toward finding a fragrance that suits her style and attitude.
  3. The name of the fragrance should inspire her. Whether she daydreams about the leisurely jet-set lifestyle or gets excited about pursuing her dreams, her fragrance should reflect the things she imagines most. Since a fragrance is one of the most powerful sources of inspiration we wear, it should represent something idyllic that we desire. 

How to Shop for Inspiring Fragrance Gifts for the Holidays

While a woman’s temperament can vary from one day to the next, generally her personal style and overall disposition remain the same. That’s why choosing a fragrance gift that reflects her demeanor is a great place to start.

Think about who she is as a woman, the things that she values most, and the type of lifestyle that inspires her. To help you get started, here are a couple of great fragrances for different types of women.

How To Shop for Inspiring Fragrance Gifts for the Holidays

Fragrance Gifts for Strong, Self-Confident Women

If you’re shopping for a strong, self-confident woman who dreams big, pursues her passions, and achieves her goals, then a great fragrance gift for her is the refreshing and uplifting Amazing Grace Eau de Toilette by Philosophy.

As one of Philosophy’s best-selling fragrances, it features notes of welcoming bergamot that greet the senses, in combination with irresistibly soft, clean muguet blossoms, and a lasting musk that’s both classic and beautiful. In addition to this inspiring scent, the message behind the label is equally motivating. No matter what we endure in life when we live with Amazing Grace, we find the inner power to climb mountains and overcome challenges. That’s the epitome of feminine strength, the resounding characteristic that sums up the essence of this fragrance. 

How to Shop for Inspiring Fragrance Gifts for the Holidays

Fragrance Gifts for Glamorous & Stylish Women

If you’re shopping for a woman who reads fashion magazines, wears stilettos and designer clothing, and dreams of jet-setting off to a 5-star resort in an exotic destination, then the ultimate fragrance gift for her is Gucci Bamboo.

This woody and floral Eau de Parfum is both soft and intense, combining luxurious sophistication with an alluring sensuality. The fragrance blooms with notes of exotic Casablanca Lily and Tahitian Vanilla. Sandalwood and Grey Amber balance the fragrance’s femininity with a resonating woody contrast. This sumptuous fragrance is ideal for a woman who exudes timeless style, refined elegance, and an air of class. She loves dressing up, looking her best, and experiencing the best that life has to offer. For all these reasons, Gucci Bamboo is a wonderful fragrance gift for her.

How to Shop for Inspiring Fragrance Gifts for the Holidays

If you’re shopping for fragrance gifts for the holidays, check out the wide assortment of designer fragrances at Kohl’s. From Gucci and Philosophy to Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss, Lacoste, and other top brands, they carry a variety of inspiring fragrances that will surely delight all the gals in your life. 

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