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When it comes to wine tasting, each person has their own preference. Some prefer sweet wines (like Riesling or Moscato), while others enjoy rich, sumptuous Chardonnays. If you’re part of the latter group (like most people), then you’ll be excited to learn about Chardonnay Box – a monthly wine club that takes the guesswork out of discovering creamy, buttery Chardonnays.

 Chardonnay Box - Monthly Chardonnay Box Subscription

How To Discover New Chardonnays Each Month

Since Chardonnay easily pairs with crowd-pleasing foods (such as Shrimp or Salmon), it’s an ideal choice for serving guests, whether you’re hosting a dinner party at home or putting together a picnic in the park. Plus, it’s one of the most popular varietals, making it a great option for parties and gatherings.

 Chardonnay Box - Monthly Chardonnay Box Subscription

The knowledgeable Chardonnay Box team visits wine tasting rooms regularly to seek out the best creamy, buttery Chardonnays they can find, making life easier for you. Their goal is to bring you a taste of something unique and different each month, while meeting the high quality level of renowned wineries, such as Rombauer, Frank Family and Miner.

 Chardonnay Box - Monthly Chardonnay Box Subscription

What makes the Chardonnay Box monthly subscription especially appealing to wine aficionados who enjoy tasting new flavor profiles is that you’ll never get the same bottle twice (if you don’t want). That means – you’ll always be sampling new and different Chardonnays from a variety of wineries. Since wine tasting is half the fun in discovering new wines, why not share the experience with friends and host a blind wine tasting party? 

In addition, each bottle of Chardonnay that you’ll receive is hand-selected by the CEO of Chardonnay Box – a wine industry expert who is ranked as one the top 5% of wine experts in the world. Easy-to-read tasting notes from the CEO are included with each wine shipment, helping you learn more about the wines you are drinking.

 Chardonnay Box - Monthly Chardonnay Box SubscriptionThe Chardonnay Box program is available in 3 options:

  1. Try Before You Buy: For $31.49 (inc. tax & shipping), you can sample a bottle of wine. If you don’t like it, the company will refund your purchase without question.
  2. Monthly Program – 2 Chardonnays Each Month: For $55.49, you are delivered 2 bottles of Chardonnay each month, saving you up to 15% on the retail price.
  3. Monthly Program – 3 Chardonnays Each Month: For $76.49,  you are delivered 3 bottles of Chardonnay each month, saving you up to 15% on the retail price.

Currently, Chardonnay Box is available for delivery in California, Idaho, New Mexico, Missouri and Washington DC. 

To get 10% OFF your first shipment of the Chardonnay Box 2 bottle option, use coupon code trynewchardonnay (valid through August 2017) when you visit


  1. Oh the tease…. I was already filling out the form until I realized they don’t ship to VA….. This was made for me!!

    • Christina-Lauren says:

      Hi Laura, I suggest you contact Chardonnay Box to find out if/when they will start shipping to VA. Cheers!

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