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To inspire you to enjoy the art of wine tasting, Cambria Wines recently partnered with musician Kalei Yamanoha to evoke the essence of Benchbreak Pinot Noir and Chardonnay through the music. This talented professional musician that performs hundreds of shows annually was challenged by Cambria Wines to compose original music to pair with their wines.

Notes of Cambria Video Series Inspires Wine Tasting By Evoking The Senses

Working alongside Cambria’s winemaker Denise Shurtleff, Kalei brought Cambria’s wines to life by creating original songs that express the “notes of Cambria”. His laid-back acoustic sounds are reminiscent of the good times of yesteryear, heralding uplifting and joyful melodies combined with pleasing, harmonious notes. 

The result is two musical variations based on the flavors of each wine. Cambria invites you to pour a glass, sit back, and listen as “Chardonnay Shanty” and “Pinot Noir Waltz” bring to life the flavors, aromas, and personalities of Benchbreak wines. 

Chardonnay gives off a refreshing citrusy flavor, which “sings at a high level”, as the winemaker says. For the Pinot Noir, the flavors that this wine evoke are “rootsy and down-home”, as Kalei shares.

Notes of Cambria Video Series Inspires Wine Tasting By Evoking The Senses
Since Cambria Wines is located on the north side of the Santa Maria Valley, the grapes provide vibrant, fresh flavors in the wines. As you listen to these easy-going melodies, it’s easy to imagine lounging on the front porch with friends and family, sipping a glass of wine while watching the sun slowly move behind the mountains.  

Their high-quality, flavorful wines are grown at the Santa Barbara County estate and are evocative of the flavors of that growing region. By collaborating with musicians to create the “Notes of Cambria” videos, the goal of this experiential experiment was to encourage people to think about wine differently, by evoking emotions and bringing to light various aspects that each varietal represents.

Simple White Wine Timeline - Infographic

For the Chardonnay composition, Kalei started off with a melody that reminds him of the delicate act of “swirling of the glass as you drink it”. As the song opens up (just like wine does), you begin to immerse yourself in the experience, which concludes with a “soft, beautiful finish”.

Simple Red Wine Timeline - Infographic

For the Pinot Noir, Kalei wanted to express the “darker fruits” by using a Minor Key. The earthy tones of the song give you a feeling of the rich, flavorful robustness that the Pinot Noir is characterized by. 

Whether you prefer Chardonnay or Pinot Noir, the next time you’re looking to expand your palette through wine tasting, check out Cambria’s Benchbreak Chardonnay or Cambria’s Benchbreak Pinot Noir. To get inspired, be sure to watch the 4-part video series.

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