You’ve probably seen her glamorous jewelry designs worn by your favorite personal style bloggers and popping up all over your Instagram feed. From eye-catching gold-plated necklaces and bracelets to striking semi-precious stone-adorned earrings and rings, the Julie Vos jewelry line is the ultimate affordable luxury line that you need to stock up on.

Top Pieces From The Julie Vos Fall 2016 Jewelry Collection

Featured in this week’s edition of “Fabulous Finds” are the top pieces from the Julie Vos Fall 2016 Collection, which just debuted. To make your shopping experience gilt-free, get 15% off just by signing-up for the Julie Vos newsletter.

Julie Vos Fall 2016 Jewelry Collection





About Julie Vos

In 2006 Julie Vos set about developing her jewelry collection fueled by wanderlust and a keen eye for sumptuous details. What began as a personal passion evolved into a thriving business based in New York City. Now, eight years later, with spiking website sales and more than five hundred boutiques carrying her line, Vos has built a brand that Vogue, Elle, W and Harper’s Bazaar feature on their editorial pages and has been seen on television.

Her jewelry line, which is known for its gemstone opulence and 24K gold patina, features lustrous cabochons and innovative classic designs. Because her line ranges from $55-$398, this affordable price range makes her pieces attractive to trend-setters, fashionistas, and style bloggers who are on a budget. Plus, what makes her jewelry line appealing as well is that her gold-plated pieces are so well-crafted and meticulously-made, that they endure for years and look stylish every season.

Julie Vos Fall 2016 Jewelry Collection

I had the pleasure of meeting Julie while attending the Lucky Magazine FABB Convention in Beverly Hills a few years ago. The stunning chunky gold link bracelet she gave me has become one of my favorite pieces in my collection, which has led me to have a personal affinity toward her jewelry line.

Now that I’m seeing her jewelry everywhere, it keeps drawing me back to her line. Featured above are the most covetable pieces from her Fall 2016 jewelry collection. Which of her pieces do you love the most?


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