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Designer Spotlight - Julie Vos Fall 2014 Collection

From bold colored gemstones to exotic necklaces and dramatic, gold bracelets, the Julie Vos Fall 2014 Jewelry Collection is affordable luxury at its best. Featuring semi-precious stones and 24k gold plating, this exquisite collection of dramatic, head-turning pieces offers something for everyone this season.

Julie Vos Fall 2014 Collection Acanthus


About Jewelry Designer Julie Vos

Only launching her jewelry collection less than a decade ago, Julie Vos has quickly gained a considerable following from tastemakers and style icons across the globe. While her luxurious designs primarily focus on semi-precious stones and sumptuous gold, the mission of her business is to offer “pieces at a price that makes them easy to collect”.

Ranging from $75 – $365 per pierce, the collection is very fairly-priced, given the high quality materials used in the bespoke pieces, as well as the excellent craftsmanship and attention to detail.

It seems like everywhere we turn nowadays, Julie Vos’ beautiful pieces are popping up in glossy magazines and on top websites and blogs. As seen on celebrities and popular personal style bloggers, fashionistas all around the world are constantly coveting Julie’s luxurious little accessories. In addition, her pieces have been featured in several publications, including Vogue, Lucky, Marie Claire, Real Simple, and W Magazine (to name a few), and have become Editors’ favorite pieces for styling photo shoots.

Julie Vos Fall 2014 Collection Baroque Rings


Julie Vos Fall 2014 Collection

While there is a distinctive look to each new season’s collection, (like the Victorian inspired Lion pendants and Byzantine era styles in the Fall 2014 collection), each collection comes together in a cohesive manner, always reflecting Julie’s traditional design esthetic.

Ranging from delicate drop earrings that sparkle in the light and stackable rings to chunky chain-link bracelets and dramatic cuffs, the Julie Vos Fall 2014 Collection (comprised of three distinct offerings, including Acanthus, Baroque, and Lion) is both unique and eye-catching.

Julie Vos jewelry is carried at over 400 boutiques and department stores, as well as online at

Julie Vos Fall 2014 Collection Lion Malachite


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