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From luxurious French body-slimming oils to New Zealand-made anti-aging face creams (that use Bee venom), today’s beauty edition of “Fabulous Finds” features 5 innovative skincare products from around the world.

Fabulous Finds - Innovative Skincare Products from Around The World

Fabulous Finds: Innovative Skincare

Whether you’re looking to minimize the appearance of cellulite or just want an easy, fuss-free way to take-off makeup at the end of a day, these innovative skincare products will help you do just that.


Fabulous Finds - Innovative Skincare Products from Around The World

Decléor Paris Aromessence Svelt: Containing essential oils and the intoxicating essence of patchouli and grapefruit, this truly effective French-made body refining oil serum helps to visually minimize the appearance of cellulite. Just glide on this silky oil over problem areas (like thighs and hips), and watch your cellulite melt away. This is a great product for making your legs look more svelte and toned, as it helps to boost the visible firmness and tone of your skin. I especially love this product for special events, or any time I am wearing skin-revealing apparel (like a skirt, shorts, or bathing suit).Fabulous Finds - Innovative Skincare Products from Around The World

Abeeco Bee Venom Mask: Utilizing the beauty-boosting benefits of New Zealand Bee Venom and Manuka Honey, this anti-aging face mask helps to turn back the hands of time. The Bee venom stimulates the production of collagen and elastin in the skin (two essential natural components for a youthful complexion), which creates a tightening and smoothing effect. The more you use the mask, the better and more noticeable the results. If you’re looking for an innovative skincare product that makes you even more bee-utiful than ever, then this is the face cream you need to try.Fabulous Finds - Innovative Skincare Products from Around The World

Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micelle Solution: Hailing from France, Bioderma has perfected the art of creating effective micellar waters that truly remove make-up, dirt and grime from your skin (without stripping the skin of natural oils). Their cleansing water solution is intended for sensitive skin, meaning it won’t dry out, irritate, or aggravate your delicate skin. Just wipe your face clean using a solution-soaked cotton pad, and you’re done. No need to wash your face afterwards. It’s that easy! Fabulous Finds - Innovative Skincare Products from Around The World

RenuAdvanced Skincare: To minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, this skincare line contains a patented redox signaling technology that has been “clinically proven to benefit cell communication and renewal for a healthy, youthful appearance”. By boosting your body’s ability to regenerate cells (shedding dead skin cells, and turning over new, healthier looking skin cells), you slow down the visible aging process, and make your skin look radiant and younger. This skincare set (which is made in Mexico) contains everything you need to look more youthful, including a Gentle Refining Cleanser, Ultra Replenishing Moisturizer, Intensive Redox Serum, and RENU 28 Revitalizing Redox Gel.Fabulous Finds - Innovative Skincare Products from Around The World

Image Skincare Prevention daily matte moisturizer SPF 32: Have you ever noticed that most sunscreens leave your skin feeling oily and greasy? Now you can protect your sun from UV rays, while having a matte finish and velvety soft texture. Containing a blend of antioxidants that fight free radicals and help make your skin look younger, this shine-free SPF 32 moisturizer soaks up excess oil and hydrates your skin. Created by a Florida-based team (who knows all about sunshine-filled days), this sunscreen-based moisturizer is paraben-free, lightweight, and water resistant. Plus, it’s ideal for wearing under makeup, as it helps makeup stay on longer, even during hot, humid weather.

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