Nordstrom Signature x Caroline Issa Fashion Collection Launches

Caroline Issa (fashion director for Tank Magazine, notable street style star, and fashion industry insider) is now making her highly-anticipated debut as a fashion designer, taking her signature style from the streets to the stores with the recent launch of the new Nordstrom Signature x Caroline Issa Collection.

About Nordstrom Signature x Caroline Issa Collection

In partnership with one of her biggest retail supporters (Nordstrom), the exclusive Nordstrom Signature x Caroline Issa fashion collection features a chic line of 25 essential, ready-to-wear contemporary pieces of apparel that easily transition from day-to-night.

Including feminine silhouettes, luxe fabrics, and Moroccan-inspired prints, this stunning collection was designed for the modern woman who enjoys timeless classics “with a twist”.

Nordstrom Signature x Caroline Issa Fashion Collection Launches

As published on Nordstrom’s blog, Caroline Issa shares the story behind her inspiration for the collection.

“As I started to think about the first collection, I drew on the research I did on chic American style icons—Slim Keith, Lauren Bacall, Babe Paley—and from that starting point, we created classic silhouettes, key essential pieces that could work for every woman.

But when we started to think about print and colors, my recent trip to Marrakech and the explosion of kaleidoscopic shapes and colors all seemed to make a fun fit with the more traditional shapes. You have to go with memories that stay in your head and want to spill out into sketches or picture research, and I’m really happy with the way my trip translated into some of the dresses and skirt and blouse prints.”

Including silk blouses, A-line skirts, cropped jackets, coats, high-waisted trousers, suits, and whimsical dresses, the Nordstrom Signature x Caroline Issa collection offers everything a woman build her dream wardrobe with.

Combining fresh patterns with timeless designs, this sumptuous collection is both contemporary and classic. Crafted from the finest materials (like cashmere, Italian cotton, leather, and wool), this elegant collection (which ranges from $395-$2995 per piece) would definitely be considered investments in your wardrobe. Ranging from edgy leather biker jackets to refined blazers, it’s easy to see why the Nordstrom Signature x Caroline Issa collection fits the modern woman’s everyday life.

[Image Credits: Nordstrom]

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