The Best Holiday Party Dresses

With the holidays right around the corner, it’s time to shop for the perfect party dresses to get you through the season in style. From chic cocktail party dresses that flatter your figure to elegant evening gowns designed to dazzle and delight, featured here are the best holiday party dresses for every affair.

The Best Party Dresses

The secrets to finding the best party dresses for you are to think about the types of events you will be attending (formal, casual, dressy, etc.) during the holidays, to figure out your body type, and to evaluate your personal style.

Formal events generally call for a long evening gown, while shorter party dresses are suitable for cocktail parties and dinners.

When it comes to Thanksgiving and Christmas, it’s advisable to keep your dress on the more conservative side (which means being less sexy, and more reserved). Whereas, New Year’s Eve is a perfectly appropriate time to get all glammed-up in a show-stopping number (that highlights your curves and steals the spotlight). Shown here are several types of dresses that are suitable for different occasions.

Glamorous Party Dresses

From sequins to beading, here are several glamorous dresses that sparkle in the moonlight and turn heads. With sexy cuts, bedazzled embellishments, and figure-flaunting silhouettes, these dresses will surely capture attention (in a good way!).

Sweet Party Dresses

Featuring precious polka dot prints, floral patterns, and ballerina-style tulle, here are the sweetest dresses you could ever find. When you’re in the mood for romance, play up your feminine appeal with one of these adorable dresses.

Classy Party Dresses

When you want to make a sophisticated statement, opting for one of these classy party dresses is the way to go. With streamlined silhouettes and classic lines, these dresses were designed to stand the test of time. Ideal for family gatherings, church outings, and office holiday parties, these classy party dresses are appropriate for a number of occasions.

Colorful Party Dresses

The holidays are the perfect time to rock a colorful frock. From vibrant reds to dreamy blues, here are gorgeous colorful party dresses that flatter different skin-tones and add life to any party.

Evening Gowns

Elegant evening gowns (like the ones shown here) featuring ladylike lace, romantic chiffon, and figure-flattering silhouettes are a stunning way to ring in the holidays.

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