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Spring Garden Party Ideas

Since Spring is in full bloom, it’s the perfect time of year to host a Garden Party. With everything coming up roses, a garden party is the ideal opportunity to highlight your flourishing garden. From blooming annuals in vibrant colors to lush perennials, a manicured garden offers an outstanding setting for entertaining. From fresh flower centerpieces to easy-to-prepare edibles, the Inspirations & Celebrations entertaining guide shares festive ideas that will make your next Spring Garden Party a smashing success.

Spring Garden Party Decorations

Aside from your garden’s showy display of colorful blooms, a great way to make your guests feel comfortable and to add instant ambiance to your garden party is to feature new patio furniture. With affordable retailers (such as Macy’s, Target, and Pottery Barn) offering consumers a wide array of outdoor furniture options (from contemporary styles to traditional designs), there’s something to suit every home decor theme.

For your table-top, an assortment of brilliant colored flowers is a sure-fire way to set the stage for a fabulous Spring garden party. Using glass or ceramic vases (in different heights) creates visual interest, and enables your guests to be able to easily converse with one another across the table. To create a plentiful floral arrangement, start by filling the vase with lush greenery (like fern fronds). Then add a mixture of a few single large blooms (like Gerbera Daisies or Peonies), off-set by smaller flowers (such as Baby’s Breath and Miniature Roses). You can even add fruits (like lemons, limes, and oranges) to the base of glass vases for added esthetic impact. Since a garden party is generally more of a casual atmosphere, feel free to use a variety of colors (rather than sticking to a specific color scheme). The overall effect should look relaxed and natural, as opposed to coming across as formal.

If the garden party continues past dusk, burn a few lightly-scented candles (in rustic-looking glass lanterns) and string twinkling lights  above the dining table, for added ambiance and additional lighting.

Spring Garden Party Ideas

Spring Garden Party Food

Since Spring generally means warm weather and sunshine-filled days, opt for lighter fare for your food. A variety of salads and vegetable dishes adds beautiful color to your dining table, while enabling your guests to dine on healthy, light meals. As a mouth-watering appetizer, opt for sliced Heirloom tomatoes drizzled with aged Balsamic Vinegar (for a dash of sweetness) and Olive Oil, a sprinkling of freshly-chopped Basil, off-set by pieces of rich Burrata cheese (here’s a great recipe to try). For the main dish, if you’re hosting the garden party during the day, seasonal salads (containing a melange of fruits or Spring vegetables) is a great way to go. If your garden party goes into the evening hours, add some grilled, herb-marinated Chicken or Shrimp skewers into the mix (for some added substance).

Featuring the food on an array of colorful plates, bowls, and serving trays adds a festive touch to your presentation. If the food will be displayed on a buffet table or for an extended period of time, make sure to properly cover the dishes (either with plastic or glass covers, or simply with saran wrap).

Spring Garden Party Ideas

Spring Garden Party Activities

No garden party is complete without some fun activities. A novel way to spice up your party is to offer your guests the option of playing lawn games, such as Croquet or Bocce Ball. These games are not only kid and adult-friendly, they’re easy to learn, and can even be done while wearing a dress or wedges. To up the ante of these activities, let your guests know that the winner will receive a gift basket containing fabulous goodies (like a bottle of Wine, decadent sweets, and other fun-filled treats).

Take advantage of the beautiful weather this season by hosting a memorable Spring garden party that all your guests will be raving about. Cheers to a fun-filled season of celebrating!

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