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Shabby Apple 2014 Spring Collection

Shabby Apple was created in 2006 with a three-part mission in mind: To design and sell vintage-inspired clothing, to empower women in the workplace, and to help women worldwide. This honorable and lofty vision has not only served it’s purpose in defining the character and essence of the brand that Shabby Apple represents, but also to serve as the bridge between old-fashioned values and modern femininity.

Shabby Apple Spring 2014 - Polka Dot Trend

Shabby Apple Spring 2014 Collection

With so many apparel companies today designing clothing that suits the fast-paced, contemporary lifestyle of the modern woman, it’s refreshing to find a brand that offers retro-inspired designs that combine classic silhouettes with trendy details. From polka dot prints and bold patterns to figure-flattering cuts and feminine designs, the Shabby Apple Spring 2014 Collection is a winning combination of playful prints and standout traditional styling.

Shabby Apple Spring 2014 Collection

About Shabby Apple

The team behind Shabby Apple proudly exclaims that, “Our clothing is reminiscent of the classy clothing of the past — both in style and coverage.  We say: women are beautiful and powerful when they are comfortable and polished. We are a company that is over 90% women-owned/operated. We strive to provide flex-schedules and generous maternity leaves. We strive to help women lead in the world. We connect with other women around the world by partnering with organizations that give women micro-credit loans and clean, safe living environments. We believe that with health and the right tools, women can empower themselves.”

Shabby Apple Spring Collection

How Shabby Apple Is Giving Back

“From inception, Shabby Apple has been committed to sharing a portion of our profits with organizations devoted to help women in less developed countries. We are grateful to our nonprofit partners for their commitment to fight against global poverty and domestic violence by giving women the tools they need to achieve health, safety, and prosperity. We believe that helping women helps societies. Past partners have included Unitus, an organization providing micro-loans to women and others in less developed regions, and Accion, an organization who helps individuals in less developed countries get funding, financial education, and professional training while building top-tier micro-finance institutions.

We are currently contributing a portion of our profits to the Maya Relief Foundation, whose mission is to empower people with solutions to become self-sufficient and ‘work their way out of poverty, improve their health, and to insure a better future for their children and their communities.’ When you purchase from Shabby Apple, a portion of the proceeds contributes to such worthy causes.”

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