The Young Designers Collective

“The Young Designers Collective is an association of artists and designers based in New York City, who design for non-profit organizations to promote good will as well as gain exposure individually and for the cause they are working towards. Sponsored by SI Design and Consulting Inc, the group provides young designers a platform that would have otherwise been difficult to build and gain recognition with on their own.”

Founded by Shilpa Iyengar (a Parsons School of Design graduate), her expansive vision was to create an environment that fosters creativity, success, and community-support through collaborative efforts. The benefits of The Young Designers Collective (for independent fashion designers and artists) are to not only provide invaluable feedback and support for their creations, but to also connect them with non-profit organizations for mutually-beneficial purposes. The designers gain recognition for their pieces (which is critically important when launching a new, un-established brand); while the non-profits gain much-needed revenue to support their charitable missions.

The goal of The Young Designers Collective is “to bring appreciation back to the artist behind the designer, to quality or handmade products, and to a more sustainable future. From design to production we believe in fair trade and source our materials with this in mind. With philanthropy and fashion hand in hand, we hope to further charitable works as well as bring new talent to light sooner than ever before.”

When trained artists and fashion design school graduates leave the bubble of educational institutions, they enter into the demanding reality of the business world. Bottom line – art and fashion are industries, comprised of both the creative realm and commerce. This results in an immediate pressure on these budding creators to quickly form valuable connections (that can lead to employment or opportunities), gain accolades for their work, and put them onto the path of success. That’s where The Young Designers Collective can help guide them in the right direction, provide a safe haven for creative inspiration and development, and encourage networking and relationship-building.

The Young Designers Collective


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