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Beauty Buzz ~ How To Look Younger Instantly

After a certain stage in life, every woman wants to look younger.

Without resorting to plastic surgery, drastic lifestyle changes, or drinking a magical potion that will make you stop aging (like in the bizarre and comedic movie “Death Becomes Her” featuring Goldie Hawn and Meryl Streep), by using the right make-up, you can look younger instantly.

How To Look Younger Instantly

Aside from minimizing fine lines and wrinkles, the key to creating a youthful appearance is to “wake up” your face by making your skin radiant and dewy, your lips plump and luscious, and your eyes vibrant and alert.
Below are some great make-up options to help you turn back the hands of time, including rosy and peachy hued blushes, anti-aging foundation formulas, colored eyeliners (to make your eyes “pop”), and kissable lipsticks, tints, and glosses that will instantly make you look younger and more beautiful.


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