Makeup is a form of art. With that said, every artist needs the best tools in order to create a masterpiece. Having the right makeup brushes to apply your makeup makes all the difference. Featured here are the top 9 must-have makeup brushes that every woman should have in her makeup bag. Must-Have Makeup Brushes […]
Models, actresses, and celebrities (such as Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian) are frequently exalted for their beautiful, chiseled faces. But did you know that many of these gorgeous women rely on beauty secrets (like makeup contouring) to create the illusion of a thinner, more sculpted face? This easy to follow beauty tutorial shows you how Continue Reading
The eyebrow is the single facial feature that can easily transform a person’s face and create a more beautiful look, all with proper shaping and maintenance. Although there are eyebrow trends (from fuller brows to sculpted ones) that come and go, the naturally-refined eyebrow shape is always in style. When your eyebrows look Continue Reading