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One of the keys to living a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle is taking care of ourselves. That starts with a mental approach to making good choices. When we eat well and provide our bodies with the nutrients it needs, we physically and emotionally feel better. 

Wellness Guide on Digestive Health 

To help us look and feel our best, in collaboration with Nature Made®, today’s wellness guide shares 3 easy ways to boost digestive health while staying active. 

3 Easy Ways To Boost Your Digestive Health While Staying Active

  1. Eat More Vegetables

To improve our digestive health, we need to eat a healthy daily diet. By focusing on consuming health-boosting foods (that contain nutrient-rich vitamins), our bodies will naturally begin to function better. To start with – eating more vegetables has been shown to help our stomachs and intestines work properly.

How to Shop for Vegetables

Getting a good variety of vegetables in our diets is a must if we want to stay healthy. When shopping for vegetables, look for a rainbow of colors. Red peppers, orange carrots, green zucchinis – you get the point. The more colors of veggies that we have in your diet, the better – as each contains vital nutrients for our bodies to survive and thrive!

Inspiring Ideas for Cooking Vegetables

When it comes to cooking vegetables, there are no shortage of fun (and flavorful) ways to “dress up” a meal. A quick search online, and you’ll find thousands of healthy recipes (including some good ones on here).

Need more tips on how a plant-centric diet can taste good? Here are 3 inspiring ideas for cooking vegetables.

  • Use healthier oils (such as EVOO or avocado oil)
  • Spice things up with seasonings (like Italian herbs)
  • Add chopped nuts or seeds (for protein)

 3 Easy Ways To Boost Your Digestive Health While Staying Active

2. Enjoy daily activities

Living a healthy, balanced lifestyle involves enjoying daily activities that invigorate and renew us (like walking on the beach, doing Pilates or Yoga). That’s why we need to discover activities and exercises that keep us inspired while helping our bodies stay healthy, strong, and energized.

Since the journey of fitness is a personal road, we often have to try different activities to find out which ones we enjoy the most. When we’re inspired, we’re naturally more interested in doing something every day. And every fitness expert would probably agree that finding an exercise you enjoy is half the battle.

 3 Easy Ways To Boost Your Digestive Health While Staying Active

3. Get Probiotics in your diet

To help us stay active and support our digestive health, taking vitamins and supplements is an easy way to help our bodies. Having taken Probiotics for years, I can personally attest to them benefiting my digestive health. By adding daily Probiotics to your diet, you can help your body support digestive health too.†

 3 Easy Ways To Boost Your Digestive Health While Staying Active

Thanks to its tasty fruit flavor and easy-to-digest gummy formula, Nature Made® Digestive Probiotics Adult Gummies make it easy (and enjoyable) to get daily Probiotics in our diets. Just 2 small gummies a day is all we need! Plus, these gummy vitamins contain energy-boosting Vitamin B12, helping us stay active throughout the day.

 3 Easy Ways To Boost Your Digestive Health While Staying Active

Tips on How to Take Probiotics

Probiotics are best taken with fiber-based foods, such as fruits and veggies. That’s why a plant-centric diet is ideal for helping your body to naturally improve its digestive health. Plus, having food in your stomach helps neutralize stomach acids (which can be harmful to Probiotics). 

If you think of it – these “friendly” bacteria were created to help your body naturally function better. To learn more about how Probiotics work, visit the Nature Made website

 3 Easy Ways To Boost Your Digestive Health While Staying Active

Live Healthier & Feel Better

If you want to enjoy a healthier, more balanced lifestyle, making these 3 easy lifestyle changes in your daily regime will having you looking and feeling better before you know it. By eating more vegetables, enjoying daily activities, and taking Probiotics, you can improve the function of your digestive health while staying active.

To shop for Nature Made® Digestive Probiotics Adult Gummies, head to Walmart for every day low prices. You can find these supplements online or in the vitamin aisle (near the pharmacy) in your local Walmart.

[Disclaimer: This post is for informational purposes only. Consult with a Doctor before taking any supplements.  †These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases. ǂVitamin B12 supports cellular energy production†]


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