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A key to being a “whole woman” is to create a balanced lifestyle. That means feeling fulfilled in your career efforts, making strides in your personal life and inner development, and enjoying hobbies and interests. 

Clinical Psychologist in California and professional life coach, Dr. Susan Pazak, asserts that “attaining and maintaining balance is the biggest challenge facing many people today. Everyday worries and concerns can tempt us to get out of balance. Balance is maintaining a consistent, healthy lifestyle on a daily basis in mind, body and spirit, regardless of your circumstances and situations.” 

We’ve all met women who seem frantic and frazzled by their work lives, and complain that they don’t have the time or energy to have any fun. In contrast, we’ve probably all encountered carefree women who enjoy life, but bounce from one odd-end job to the next, never committing to one professional path. In my opinion, both types are out of balance. 

A few tips to maintaining balance:
          Take care of your health and physical well-being
          Nurture positive relationships with friends and family
          Feel connected with your community through philanthropy or voluntarism
          Meditate, center yourself, and create inner peace
          Make time to do what you love (hobbies, interests, activities)
          Write down goals you have for your career and life
Although I recognize that we all have different personalities that need to be satiated (some people being spontaneous types with a diverse range of interests, whereas others are mono-focused, responsible, and ambitious), I still believe that we must consciously make time for different areas of our life. That’s the only way to feel truly “whole”.

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