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From easy style tips about how to pack for a trip to fashion advice about how to accessorize an outfit, these style videos teach you how to look fabulous and feel confident.

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What Color Shoes To Wear With Women’s Dark Brown Leather Jackets

Not all shoe colors are going to go well with women’s dark brown leather jackets. Find out what shoe colors you should be wearing with women’s dark brown leather jackets in this style video.

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What Color Matches Khaki Pants?

When wearing khaki pants, you’re always going to want to pay very close attention to the other types of clothing that you choose to wear. Find out what color matches khaki pants the best by watching this easy-to-follow style video.

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Information About Fashion Bags

Fashion bags come in a wide variety of different shapes and sizes depending on the situation. This style video teaches you about different types of fashion bags, ranging from evening clutches to tote bags (that can be worn to work).

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What Color Jacket Goes With Black Pants?

Black is a great color due in large part to its versatility. Find out what color jacket goes with black pants.

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Color Guide For Fashion & Jewelry

The colors of clothing and jewelry that you choose to wear are very important. Here are easy ideas about how to coordinate different types of apparel and jewelry that make you look pulled-together and stylish.

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Cute Outfits To Wear Out For A Night On The Town

If you’re heading out for a night on the town, you’re always going to want to make sure you take a cute outfit along for the fun. Whether you’re heading to a romantic dinner with your sweetheart, or going out for cocktails with your friends, learn about the various types of cute outfits you can wear out for a fun evening out.

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The Most Outstanding Outfit For A Birthday Party at Night

If you’re having a birthday party at night, you’re really going to want to make a statement with your clothing selections. Find out about how to select the most outstanding outfit for a birthday at night.

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Packing Like A Fashionista

Packing like a fashionista requires you to adopt a very specific train of thought. From shoe choices to accessory options, here are tips on how to pack like a fashionista.

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The Best Pea Coats for Different Body Types

A pea coat is a classic piece of outerwear that not only keeps you cozy when the weather gets cold, it is also in style due to it’s traditional silhouette and detailing. When choosing a pea coat, you always need to take your specific body type into consideration. This style video teaches you the essentials you need to know when shopping for pea coats.

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Dress Silhouettes For Different Body Types

Dress silhouettes for different body types is a need-to-know concept that you can quickly learn. From apple-shaped bodies to hourglass figures, this style video shows you how to choose dress silhouettes that flatter your particular body type.

Style Video

How To Dress Casual For Work

Dressing casual for work doesn’t have to be as difficult as a lot of people seem to make it. From casual Fridays to everyday work attire (that feels comfortable but looks professional), this style video shows you different types of work outfits that are both casual and stylish.

Style Video

What Not To Wear To Travel

When it comes to traveling, there are a few key items that you are most certainly going to want to leave behind. Featured here are style tips on what not to wear to travel.

[Videos Written & Hosted by Christina-Lauren Pollack of INSPIRATIONS & CELEBRATIONS; Filmed & Edited by: Scott Hester; Produced by: eHow]

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