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In the competitive, hard-core world of fitness enthusiasts, indoor cycling has taken the globe by storm. Set to heart-pumping music and led by enthusiastic instructors with big personalities (and hot bods), it’s no wonder that cycling has become one of the most in-demand fitness activities around.

To showcase all the scintillating excitement (and juicy drama) that happens behind the scenes at Cycle House (one of the hottest cycling spots in Los Angeles, California), E! Entertainment recently launched a new reality show called Hollywood Cycle.

As E! explains the show’s premise, the “sexy, cutthroat series dives deep into the world of Los Angeles’ famed Cycle House, and introduces viewers to their top instructors and devoted trainees who keep riders tapping it back on cue. Through six hour-long episodes, viewers will get a prized front row seat in the dark, rhythm filled studio as well as an inside look at their high drama, always complicated personal lives.”

About Shannon Decker of Hollywood Cycle

One of the show’s buzz-worthy cast members (and a trainee at Cycle House) is Shannon Decker, the sexy girl-next-door who happens to be a fitness expert with a background in entertainment. In addition to being in the spotlight for her role on Hollywood Cycle, her impressive resumé boasts work as a commercial actress, print and fitness model, and host of a regional Emmy Award winning show.

Since we all need a little #fitspiration every now and then, Shannon Decker shares with us her fave health and fitness tips for looking and feeling fabulous, while getting in the best shape of your life.

E! Hollywood Cycle Reality Television Show

Exclusive Fitness Tips from Shannon Decker of Hollywood Cycle:

CLP: Why would you consider Cycling to be one of the best workouts?

SD: At Cycle House we focus on interval training, so that means getting your heart rate up, and down, and up and down… It’s the most effective way to burn calories in the least amount of time. All while simultaneously toning and strengthening every part of your body. Plus, it’s just really fun so you don’t realize sometimes how hard you’re truly working.

CLP: Since big booties have become increasingly popular (thanks to Nicki Minaj and the Kardashians), what are your top tips for getting a shapely backside (short of plastic surgery)?

SD: Ha! I especially love this question because I’ve spent my whole life trying to hide my big ol’ booty! But now I’m constantly getting asked how I “get my butt like that.” So my advice is to definitely stay away from plastic surgery (it looks too obvious), and start with some good old fashion squats. There are lots of resources out there. Like a 30-day squat challenge, which gives you a structure to get started with. It is very possible to grow and shape your booty with the right amount of time and exercise!

CLP: They say that getting in shape is 70% diet / 30% exercise. Can you describe your average daily diet? Do you subscribe to any particular diet (ex. Atkins, Paleo, Low-Carb, etc.)? And what’s your viewpoint on diet pills or supplements?

SD: This is very true in my opinion but a very hard question to answer. I can’t stress enough how important diet is to attaining the desired body shape you’re working so hard for. But just like all of our bodies are different, so are all of our metabolisms and genes. I’ve modeled with girls that are a size zero and eat more junk food than anyone I know.

I myself don’t often subscribe to fad diets but I always try to eat clean. This seems to work well for me with digestion, energy, sleeping etc. So that means I stick to foods that don’t have a lot added to them. Grilled chicken, veggies, eggs, fruit, and salads to are a few of my staples. I also usually stay away from or limit my intake of added sugar, dairy and carbs.

As far as supplements and diet pills are concerned my viewpoint is to always consult a professional, and that is usually your doctor. There could be something going on that you need help with but only a doctor can recommend and monitor anything safely.

Shannon Decker Hollywood Cycle Fitness Expert

CLP: Now that you live in Los Angeles (which is known to place an emphasis on body perfection), how do you stay true to being a healthy, fit gal with curves, despite the pressure to be thin?

SD: I had to really think about this question for a little bit. Which means I have to keep it real with myself and also you guys… It can definitely be a challenge. We all have our days when we struggle with self-acceptance and body image. But I guess my whole life I’ve dealt with having curves and living up to society’s image of the “perfect body.”

I try to put the emphasis instead on exuding positive energy and giving a smile to everyone I come across…I truly believe happy girls are pretty girls. It’s cliché, but so true! The general consensus seems to be shifting to being healthy compared to just being thin, so that helps too!

CLP: What advice can you share to help readers stay motivated relative to their health & fitness regime?

SD: I would say remember that it’s a sprint and not a marathon…Health and fitness need to become a lifestyle in order to see any true and long term changes. Don’t be afraid to set goals and once you meet those, take it a step further and set new ones! You will be blown away when you achieve what you thought was never possible. But we all need to stop comparing ourselves to other people.

Do what you can and push yourself. One mile could be a monstrous accomplishment to someone who has never ran in his or her lifetime! For my own personal motivation, because trust me, there will be challenging days, I rely on the “meet a friend” method. I am far less likely to cancel on someone else than myself.

Below is a preview of Hollywood Cycle, which airs on E! Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT. 

[Images courtesy of Shannon Decker / LUCK Media & Marketing and E! Entertainment.]

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