As we get older, our skin structure begins to change. The youthful complexion we once had as young children now begins to take on a different shape, texture, and appearance. As our bodies naturally start to decrease the production of collagen (which acts as a building-block for youthful skin), we start to see the development […]
Aging skin is an issue we all have to face throughout the course of our lives. Despite the fact that our skin naturally undergoes transformations every decade (resulting in various changes), fortunately we aren’t at the mercy of unknown forces. While we can’t expect to have the flawless skin of a newborn baby, the good […]
Throughout the course of our lives, we occasionally experience different types of skin problems, depending on our age and genetic background. When we’re younger, we often battle the on-set of acne and oily skin. As we get older, a new set of skin problems develops, including: fine lines and wrinkles, sagging, dryness, rough texture, and Continue Reading