One of my goals this year is to really focus on my health and wellness. While I eat a healthy diet (that is mostly plant-based), over the past few months, I added natural vitamins and supplements back into my daily routine. Not only has it helped to improve my energy, well-being, and immunity, but my skin looks better than ever!

6 Natural Vitamins & Supplements That Help Boost Your Wellness & Beauty

From beauty-boosting collagen powder and vegan protein powder to mood-enhancing Vitamin D3 and more, here are 6 natural vitamins and supplements that can help boost your wellness and beauty.

6 Natural Vitamins & Supplements That Help Boost Wellness

How To Shop for Vitamins & Supplements

While the FDA hasn’t regulated vitamins, my outlook on wellness-boosting supplements is this – if they can possibly help us look and feel better (and they won’t hurt us), then why not try?!

Studies and scientific opinions about the efficacy of vitamins and supplements vary from one MD or expert to the next. Since I’m not one to endorse pharmaceuticals (unless we absolutely need them – like in the case of antibiotics), I tend to believe that natural vitamins can help our bodies function better.

When it comes to shopping for vitamins, it’s important to understand what goes into the production of a supplement before taking it. That’s why I’m vigilant about evaluating a product’s ingredients and avoiding those that have toxic ingredients, binders, or fillers (as they aren’t good for you). I encourage you to be mindful when shopping for vitamins and supplements, as they’re not all created equally. When in doubt, do research or ask an expert.

Here are 6 natural vitamins and supplements I take that use plant-based ingredients.

6 Natural Vitamins & Supplements That Help Boost Wellness

Multi-Vitamins for Women

Most multi-vitamins tend to give me an upset stomach, with the exception of this one. As recommended to me by a nutrition expert at Cornucopia (a local natural foods market in Carmel, California), the Realfood Organics Women’s Daily Nutrition is an easily-digestible, plant-based multi-vitamin. It is made from 40 organic fruits, vegetables, grains, sprouts, and legumes and other organic foods. Plus it’s gluten-free and vegetarian.

Bottom line: I love this multi-vitamin because it has a lot of antioxidants in it (which makes our skin glow).

6 Natural Vitamins & Supplements That Help Boost Wellness

Vitamin B-12

To help reduce stress (by balancing the nervous system) and provide a natural boost of energy, I use the Garden of Life Vitamin Code Raw B-12. This vegan vitamin helps to provide metabolism support, mental & physical energy, central nervous system health, anemia support, and digestive support. Since B-12 is found predominantly in animal and dairy products, a vitamin b-12 tablet can help prevent deficiency-caused decreased energy, occasional constipation, anemia, and fatigue. I decided to start taking it when I switched to eating mostly a plant-based diet (as I’m now limiting meat intake). It’s also gluten-free, dairy-free, and contains no binders or fillers.

Bottom line: it helps me stay calm and even-tempered, even in stressful moments.

6 Natural Vitamins & Supplements That Help Boost Wellness

Vitamin D3

Heralded for its ability to enhance our moods and boost our sense of happiness, we naturally get Vitamin D3 from spending time in the sunshine. However, when we have limited time outdoors (especially right now), our Vitamin D levels start to lower. That’s why we can get moody or depressed during cold winter months. For these reasons (and more), I’ve added the Garden of Life Vitamin Code Raw D3 into my wellness routine. This food-created Vitamin D3 helps to provide bone and joint support, colon and digestive support, memory & concentration, breast & prostate health, proper cell replication and immune system support.

Bottom line: In addition to doing regular meditation practice, I’ve noticed that adding this Vitamin D3 into my diet has helped to boost my mood. It doesn’t hurt to watch funny tv shows (like Frasier) either.

6 Natural Vitamins & Supplements That Help Boost Wellness


As one of the best supplements to take to regulate your digestive system, balance the bacteria in your gut (which is really important), and to even clear up acne breakouts, probiotics are a go-to in my diet. Since I have cut back on dairy (I used to eat yogurt regularly), I’ve opted to take probiotics supplements instead. As a fan of the Garden of Life brand (obviously), I’m currently taking the Garden of Life Dr. Formulated Probiotics for Women.

The key to taking probiotics is to eat plant-based foods (like fruits or veggies) at least 30-minutes before. The reason is that the probiotics (which are considered “friendly bacteria”) work by eating the “flora” in your stomach. This helps them do their job better – which is to, essentially, eliminate toxins and combat unhealthy bacteria.

Bottom line: You’ll become a “regular”… if you get my gist. On that note, where is all the TP lately? Seriously.

6 Natural Vitamins & Supplements That Help Boost Wellness

Plant-Based Protein Powder

To ensure I’m getting enough protein in my diet (to keep my body strong), I add plant-based protein powder to my smoothies and oatmeal. Since partnering with Better Body Foods years ago (see this post), I’ve loved their plant-based protein powder. It’s not only flavorless (so you can virtually add it to anything, and it’s undetectable), but it also contains good-for-you ingredients (like veggies).

Over the past couple of months, I noticed that they recently launched a redeveloped formula with new packaging, so it’s now called BetterBody Foods Organic Plant Protein. What’s awesome about this protein powder (aside from being vegan), is that it’s super high in antioxidants. And, if you’ve read my skincare guides before, then you’ve seen me rave about the benefits of antioxidants. Basically – they help us look great. Scientifically, they combat free radicals (which contribute to the look of aging skin).

6 Natural Vitamins & Supplements That Help Boost Wellness

Collagen Powder

Over the past year, the buzz in the beauty industry has been about collagen-infused products. Collagen is a protein in our skin that helps to keep it looking youthful. Over time, our natural collagen production declines. So, in order to minimize the onset of wrinkles and aged skin, we want to do what we can to boost our collagen levels.

One way is through skincare routines (like laser treatments and Retinol products); the other way is internally (or so it’s been said). Some experts claim that we can’t boost collagen levels through supplements, but I’m not certain about that. I tend to take a “why not try?” approach, especially when it comes to natural products that can benefit us, especially if it can make us look better.

For that reason, I’ve been using the EVOLUTION_18 Beauty Collagen powder (which is a clean supplement brand that was developed by Bobbi Brown, the beauty industry veteran-turned-health and wellness coach).

She told me, “After leaving Bobbi Brown Cosmetics in 2016, I wanted to create another brand that empowered women from the inside, out. I launched EVOLUTION_18, a lifestyle-inspired wellness brand because I have always said that what you put in your body is just as important as what you put on your face. These products are designed to help women look and feel their best.”

Even though the instructions say to mix with water, I usually add it to a green detox smoothie or oatmeal.

Bottom line: People have been telling me I’m “glowing”. So, it must be working its magic!

6 Natural Vitamins & Supplements That Help Boost Wellness

For more vitamins and supplements that I recommend, shop my Wellness List on Amazon.

[Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Consult with a Doctor or Medical Expert before starting any supplements. Disclosure: Affiliate links included.]

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