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Eating a healthy, balanced diet not only makes you feel better, gives you more energy, and helps prevent diseases, it can also help you win the battle in fighting fat. Today’s post shares some of the best foods to help naturally catalyze your diet by working with your metabolism. You don’t have to be a health nut to find a diet that’s good for you (and good tasting too!). Stop starving yourself to get slim – eat the foods that fight fat.

Foods That Fight Fat

You’re probably heard Dr. Perricone (the dermatologist to the stars who eats salmon every day for breakfast) rave about the health and beauty benefits of Salmon because they are rich in Omega 3’s. But, did you know that this powerhouse protein also helps you get lean too? Not only does it help build muscle (which burns more calories), it can also reduce your cortisol levels too, which aid the reduction of fat storage. In addition, it’s known as a “slimming” food, because it instantly makes your face look slimmer and more chiseled after consuming it. For these reasons, Salmon is considered one of the best foods that fight fat.

Moving on from protein to fiber, beans are a great food that fill you up while encouraging your body to burn more calories. Another fantastic fiber source that has a similar effect are whole grains. So, for all you gals on The South Beach Diet, don’t be afraid to bounce back over to the (good) carb side once in a while.

Antioxidants not only help you body fight free radicals (which age you), but they can also help your waistline too. Green Tea (which is loaded with antioxidants called catechins) as well as caffeine rev up your metabolism, resulting in increased fat burning. It’s a healthier alternative to coffee (in the morning), or as an afternoon treat.

No longer do you need to deprive yourself of delicious food in your quest for a fit physique. With these superpower foods, you’ll help turn your body into a calorie burning machine. Within a few months, you’ll be looking sleeker and sexier (just in time for holiday parties).

[Disclaimer: This post is for informational purposes only. Consult with a Doctor or Nutritionist before starting any diet.]

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