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With holiday parties quickly approaching, it’s the perfect time to get back to the gym and shape up. To give your weight loss regime a boost, getting proper nutrition and essential vitamins, eating the right types of foods (that actually rev up your metabolism and have anti-inflammatory properties), and using diet supplements can help you reach your weight loss goal even faster.

Effective Diet Supplements for Weight Loss

To help you learn about the most effective diet supplements for weight loss, today’s diet guide features tips and recommendations from nutrition experts across the country.

Nutrition Experts Reveal The Most Effective Diet Supplements for Weight Loss

Deanna Latson, certified nutritionist and co-founder of ARIIX (an international opportunity company that promotes healthy toxic-free living) created diet supplements that boost weight loss. She says, “People gain weight for many different reasons. You need a program that deals with blood sugars, detox, food addictions, etc. You need a well-rounded system that works and gets results. We’ve created that, Slenderiiz.” Their company explains that “based on scientific evidence, this unique combination of homeopathic remedies, when coupled with vitamin B12 drops, controls appetite and increases metabolic rate, which is the amount of energy the body uses in a certain time period. When the metabolic rate increases, the amount of calories that the body burns for energy also increases.”

Carolyn Dean, MD, ND is a health and nutrition expert, and the author of The Magnesium Miracle and Hormone Balance. She believes that magnesium is a key nutrient that can help boost weight loss. “What you eat and how you exercise as well as mineral stores have a lot to do with how efficiently your metabolism functions and your ability to lose weight. Magnesium is required for the body to produce and store energy and yet 75% of Americans do not get their RDA of this important metabolism boosting mineral. One of the most absorbable forms can be found in a magnesium citrate powder that can be mixed with hot or cold water and sipped throughout the day.”

Dr. Ben Johnson, founder of Osmosis Skincare, developed a diet supplement that helps promote weight loss. “Our weight plays an important role in our health and when it comes right down to it, no body is created equal. Our bodies are quite incredible in what they do for us and we each have unique genes and DNA that lead our bodies to find their optimal health. Osmosis Skincare’s Melt is a great tool to help your body find its way to optimal health and preform at its peak. Let’s take a closer look at what Melt can do for you. Melt is a holistic approach to fat loss. This fat detox supplement works to shrink the size of fat cells, boost metabolism, and utilizes your excess fat to help you achieve results. Your body needs fat to function, Melt helps your body put unused fat storage to use by burning calories with a holistic approach. Natural, low-impact stimulants and antioxidants from green, black, and white tea gently coach your body into burning fat in a slow, gentle manner.”

Nutrition Experts Reveal The Most Effective Diet Supplements for Weight Loss

Victor Adams, a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition expert, and the owner of Axiom Health and Fitness makes a few recommendations about helpful diet supplements that you can find in your own kitchen. “Carnitine helps transport fat to the mitochondria to use as fuel. Look for 1-2 grams per serving in order to get maximum efficacy. Green Tea Extract is fairly main-stream at this point, and it does actually  provide solid benefits so long as it hits a few key parameters. First, it should have a minimum of 45% EGCG – which is the active component responsible for the metabolism-boosting effect. You will also want around 500mg + to get an effective/beneficial dose. Caffeine (Anhydrous) is another well-known supplement/ingredient, and also one of the most useful for the fat-burning process. Depending on your sensitivity to caffeine, you want a dose between 200-400mg. Cayenne Pepper extract is another useful fat-burning ingredient.  This also helps to boost your metabolism and blunt hunger.”

As I’ve tested multiple diet supplements over the years, one product that I’ve discovered that’s not only easy to incorporate into your daily routine and that helps suppress appetite is called Qurb. This liquid formula combines a mixture of fiber, vitamins, and green coffee bean extract in a convenient drinkable shot. It was not only created to help suppress your appetite (which means you’ll eat less and consumer fewer calories), it also gives you a boost of energy, helping you get through the day and burn more calories, naturally. It has a refreshing, fruity taste, and doesn’t seem to create any negative side effects (like jitters or nausea). Using the product over a 7-day period, I noticed a decrease in appetite, which resulted in my clothes fitting looser and my stomach looking flatter. The company advises that “Qurb™ is not intended to be a meal replacement – it is a dietary supplement designed to aid with appetite suppression and with a powerful fat burning effect.”

Nutrition Experts Reveal The Most Effective Diet Supplements for Weight Loss

As you can see, there are multiple diet supplements on the market that can help boost weight loss, suppress appetite, and give you energy. While these products are helpful, it’s always advisable to have a healthy, well-rounded diet, and to maintain a regular fitness program.

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[Disclaimer: This post is for informational purposes only. Always consult with a Nutrition Expert or Doctor before starting any diet program or taking any diet supplements.]

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