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Closet Organization Tips

As we transition into a new season, now is a great time to re-evaluate your closet and make room for new pieces. From convenient storage boxes to apparel sorting ideas, featured here are easy closet organization tips to get your wardrobe in top-top shape, making it a breeze to find items in a jiffy.

5 Fabulous Closet Organization Ideas

1. To make getting dressed in the morning an easier and faster process, it behooves you to have a well-organized, tidy closet. Not only will this help you find the pieces you want to wear a lot quicker, by seeing your wardrobe in a new light, it will also visually inspire you to create a new ensemble everyday.

If you can, hire a professional closet organization system company (like California Closets) to create customized shelves and racks (designed to fit perfectly in your closet) to hang your apparel and store your shoes and accessories. If that’s not an affordable or feasible option (as you might be renting an apartment of house), the next best route is to invest in pre-made closet systems, including easy-to-assemble shelves and hanging racks (from brands like Ikea, or retailers, such as The Container Store or Target).

2. When the seasons change, it’s advisable to store the last season’s key pieces that are no longer wearable in the new season (like summer dresses, lightweight sweaters, and sandals), to switch out with your items that have been in storage (such as bulky knit sweaters and boots). This is where attractive and functional storage bins and storage boxes come in handy. Not only do they help you keep your items stored neatly away, they also add visual imagery to your closet. If you have limited space in your home, under-the-bed storage containers are a great way to.

3. If you are limited on space, over-the-door shoe hangers (which can hold up to 18 pairs of shoes) and floor-stacked shoe racks are a great way to showcase and organize your shoes, without cluttering up your closet.

4. Some pieces should always be hung on a hanger, while others are best folded. Delicate sweaters (like cashmere fabrics) should never be hung up, as the hanger could damage and re-shape the sweaters due to gravity. That’s why adequate shelving is an important component for any functional closet. Items such as jeans, trousers, and skirts can be hung up on slimline hangers. In addition, bulky coats and jackets should be hung toward the back of your closet, whereas the items you wear regularly (such as everyday tops) should be placed at the front of your closet, making them more accessible.

5. For those of you visual types who are inspired by beauty and tidy spaces, organizing your apparel by color is a fabulous way to not only keep track of your belongings, it also can motivate you to put together a great outfit in the morning.

By following these 5 closet organization tips, you’ll be on your way to creating the closet of your dreams.

Closet Organization Tips Storage

[Image Credits: Rubbermaid Configurations; Elfa Decor Master Walk-In Closet]

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