Country Chic Wedding

Saying “I Do” in front of your family and friends should be a magical, memorable moment. If your idea of the perfect wedding includes heartfelt wishes, rustic elegance, and an atmosphere that makes guests feel at home, then a Country Chic Wedding might be for you. From decorations to party favors, featured here are Country Chic Wedding ideas that your guests will love.

Country Chic Wedding Ideas


Selecting an appropriate venue for a Country Chic Wedding starts with finding a picture-perfect setting in the countryside. Ideally, a country chic wedding would be held in a rustic barn, a ranch-style home, or an outdoor retreat (that features a backdrop of rolling hills or tree-lined woods). The best part about a country chic wedding location is that the environment establishes the overall look and feel of your special day, which means you’ll need less in the way of decorations and embellishments to dress up the venue.


Here’s where you can have a little fun! Country chic wedding decorations can either be store-bought or home-made (which can be an enjoyable activity for you and your bridesmaids to do).

Instead of using traditional tables for floral displays, opt for vintage wooden crates or boxes. You can use a stencil to add wording or a fancy design (like a scroll or fleur de lis).

To show your guests where to go, hand-paint directions on wooden signs. This is an inexpensive and adorable way to welcome your guests to your wedding.

Paper lanterns (whether they’re multicolor or all white) strung on rafters (indoors) or from trees (outdoors) always add a whimsical touch to a country chic wedding. To make life easier (and less costly), get paper lanterns that are battery-operated. This means you won’t need to hire an electrician to wire outdoors, but you still can create ambient lighting outside when the sun goes down.

For additional seating, place hay bales (with wool blankets on top) throughout the perimeter of the venue. You can purchase hay bales from a local feed supply company, or visit your nearest equestrian center.

Table Settings

Country chic weddings are meant to feel intimate, casual, and relaxing. Therefore, your table settings should encourage conversation and camaraderie amongst your guests. Instead of opting for large (impersonal) round tables, choose smaller wood tables instead. Even picnic tables are a great option for creating a rustic and inviting place for your guests to dine.

Wooden tables (covered with lace runners or eyelet tablecloths) fit in especially well within a country chic decor theme. Tea candles scattered throughout the table amongst different sized vases filled with country floral arrangements add a romantic touch (while providing ambient lighting when the sun goes down). For utensils, opt for disposable bamboo utensils (which are both inexpensive and eco-friendly), wrapped in burlap and twine. Instead of traditional glasses, opt for mason jars (which they can take home after the wedding).


A country chic wedding sets the stage for fun and enjoyment. When selecting a band, if you don’t want to go the full ‘country music’ route, that’s ok! There are a number of bands out there that play folk and acoustic rock, which would work just as well. The key to choosing a band for a country chic wedding is to find a band that not only plays mellow background music (for the guests who prefer to socialize instead of dance), but also who who can stir up a crowd with some upbeat jams (when it’s time to get on the dance floor).

It’s also fun to add some activity stations throughout the venue, like horseshoe and bocce ball. This will not only give your (grown-up) guests an activity to participate in, but will also keep the younger children occupied throughout the course of the event.

Instead of having your guests write a message in a traditional guest book, place a wishing well near the entry with heart-shaped wooden pieces and permanent markers, so that guests can write their ‘wedding wishes’ on the wooden hearts. This is a fun and novel idea that you can display prominently in your home long after the wedding.

Party Favors

Your country chic wedding should leave guests with a warm and wonderful memory of your special day. Therefore your party favors should remind them of the experience they shared. A party favor idea is to feature a rustic wagon filled with herb or plant seeds, or tree saplings wrapped in burlap bags. This will enable them to plant a seed and watch it grow, which will remind them of your wedding for years to come.


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